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About Us

STUDEX® is the world-renowned ear piercing brand. As the leading international manufacturer of precision ear piercing systems, hypoallergenic earrings and aftercare products, we offer our partners — jewelers, beauty salons, piercing studios, hair dressers, doctors, and pharmacies — top-quality, easy-to-use products.

We have fundamentally revolutionized ear piercing: At your trusted STUDEX partner store, you can now have your ears pierced quickly and safely with beautiful, hypoallergenic piercing studs. With our STUDEX® System75™, you’ll barely even notice it. Never before has ear piercing been so easy, gentle and safe.

In addition, our collections of skin-friendly, hypoallergenic follow-up earrings provide great, everyday comfort — even for sensitive ears.

For more than 40 years, …

… the STUDEX® brand has signified trust and safety in ear piercing around the world. Our systems have a stellar track record: STUDEX instruments have been used many million times worldwide to pierce ears.


Highest quality control

Once completed, every STUDEX instrument and earring passes through a stringent quality control process to deliver the safest and most beautiful products available. We adhere to rigorous health and safety standards for our employees and our products. As a result, all STUDEX sterilized ear piercing studs meet or exceed European Union standards and FDA regulations (U.S. Food & Drug Administration).

STUDEX brand

STUDEX® Partner Stores

At our partners’ stores, you can have your ears pierced with our industry-leading STUDEX® instruments. You are sure to find a large selection of top-quality, hypoallergenic piercing studs as well as regular hypoallergenic earrings from STUDEX. Besides giving you great advice, these well trained ear piercing specialists can also supply you with the necessary after piercing care products.

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Member of EPM e.V.

International Association of Ear Piercing Market Specialists

STUDEX is a member of the International Association of Ear Piercing Market Specialists (Internationaler Verband der Ohrlochstech-Spezialisten, EPM) e.V. The association represents the interests of manufacturers and distributors of ear piercing system in politics, the economy, and the general public and informs the public about ear piercing and the formation of opinion in the industry. It advises and represents its members with regard to political lobbying, EU directives and national laws and regulations as they relate to ear piercing. In addition, it offers its members information about current topics and a platform for the exchange of industry-specific ideas. The EPM provides expert advice and serves as liaison between the industry and lawmakers.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving Back to Society

Corporate Social Responsibility is very important to us. Therefore STUDEX has been engaged in various local and international projects for many years, especially in the fields of youth sports sponsorships, social institutions, and disaster relief.

For example, STUDEX sponsors the local track and field club (Förderkreis der Eckentaler Leichtathleten e.V.), located just around the corner from our German subsidiary in Eckental near Nuremberg. Our commitment includes the sponsoring of the team’s jerseys, additional financial aids for the club, and providing a vehicle for trips to sports events and competitions. The STUDEX logo adorns the jerseys of the young athletes, who are performing extremely well—from the local and regional to state level and even in national and international championships. Laura Gröll, for example, has been crowned the German Octathlon Champion of 2016. In addition, several sports events of the club carry the sponsor’s name, such as STUDEX® Sprint Day (Sprintertag) or STUDEX® Eckental Cross.

Together with the House of Sports and other regional partners, STUDEX supports a regional children’s charity organization (Kinder für Kinder e.V. Eckental) and the ATP tennis tournament Bauer Water Technology Cup in Eckental/Nuremberg, which was founded to support this children’s fund. For more than 20 years, this ATP Challenger tournament with a current prize money of €30,000 has drawn national and international tennis stars to Frankonia. In addition to an annual financial contribution, STUDEX also helps this international indoor tennis championship of Bavaria by granting vacation days to employees volunteering with the access control team. As every year, many top players are expected to come to Eckental this year as well. In addition, STUDEX is a sponsor of the runners, cyclists and swimmers of Franken Speed Fighter e.V.

We also helped a local preschool (Evangelischer Kindergarten Eckenhaid) with a contribution to the purchase of playground equipment. And we support the Lions Club Eckental-Heroldsberg with the annual purchase of typical local bakery goods for Mardi Gras.

STUDEX also supports various international projects. For example, we help with contributions for the victims of natural disasters, e.g. after the devastating typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in the year 2013. And we maintain a child sponsorship with a charity that helps people in South India (Zukunft für Menschen in Südindien e.V.).

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Media: © Charisse Kenion/Unsplash; athletes: © Roland Gröll/LG Eckental; other images: © STUDEX Corporation or STUDEX of Europe GmbH