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International Market Leader

STUDEX®, the world-renowned ear piercing brand, is the leading international manufacturer of precision ear piercing systems, hypoallergenic earrings and aftercare products. With our headquarters in Los Angeles, California, and subsidiaries or exclusive partners in more than 70 countries on six continents, we support retail stores in generating additional business. For more than 40 years, STUDEX instruments have been used many million times worldwide to pierce ears. We are proud to be the de-facto industry standard for ear piercing.

In addition, our collections of skin-friendly, hypoallergenic follow-up earrings provide great, everyday comfort — even for sensitive ears. As a sign of our trust in our products, we offer a 30-year guarantee.

Professional Sales and Marketing Support

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Our STUDEX® partners are of utmost importance to us. To serve you and your customers, we provide first-class marketing, sales and logistics services as well as professional training.

In order for you to get started with ear piercing right away, STUDEX offers convenient starter kits and effective marketing materials for your store. Our experts will be glad to train you and your team.

The point-of-sales materials we provide include ear piercing stations, counter-top and window displays, posters in various sizes, window decorations, brochures, gift certificates, gift boxes for kids, give-aways or seasonal offers. Ordering through our online store or via fax is simple, easy, and fast. In order for you to provide quality service to your customers, STUDEX also furnishes all necessary documentation, ranging from release forms to after piercing care instructions.

Our retail favorite: “Peggy” is a display developed by STUDEX with transparent pegs and a sample stud at the end of each peg. Your customers can hold an earring to their ear for a whole new shopping experience, almost like trying on earrings. Peggy comes with 18 popular piercing stud designs for STUDEX System75.

Peggy Display for STUDEX System75
STUDEX sales and marketing support for ear piercing

Our website provides comprehensive information for consumers about ear piercing and earrings. Our site attracts tens of thousands of unique visitors each month interested specifically in ear piercing with STUDEX. Together with our social media activities (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.), we create a strong demand for our products and services among consumers.

We recommend your business: We channel all incoming inquiries through our STUDEX partner search and refer them directly to our local partners. As a direct customer (ordering directly from STUDEX), you will be able to register for this.

Some of the customer testimonials we publish on our website also mention individual STUDEX partners. In addition, we list all web shops of STUDEX partners that sell our Sensitive by STUDEX® and Sensitive for Kids (Tiny Tips) follow-up earrings online.

As a STUDEX partner, you’ll be able to benefit from extra opportunities: Boost your sales by participating in our seasonal promotions. And take advantage of the STUDEX ear piercing app to plan appointments for multiple ear piercings with your customers.

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