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Why Offer Ear Piercing Services?

Increase Traffic and Boost Your Sales

with ear piercing services and hypoallergenic earrings

  • Ear piercing is a service that increases foot traffic in your store.
  • You will attract additional customers and new target groups, who will also discover the other products and services you have to offer.
  • By adding this new dimension to your business, you will therefore boost your sales.
  • Since ear piercing is a matter of trust, happy customers become long-term customers.

Traffic booster: Ear piercing is a service that cannot migrate to the Internet.

By offering this service, you will automatically attract new customers. It’s a service that helps consumers take that first hurdle and set foot into your store. Your younger customers will often be accompanied by parents, grandparents, other family members and friends, which provides you with even more sales opportunities.

Ear piercing customers are loyal, if they receive great service: They are very likely to later buy higher-value jewelry as well. And they will recommend your store to their family and friends. What’s more, ear piercing increases foot traffic also in times when many stores need it the most, for example during summer break.

Why Offer Ear Piercing Services with STUDEX

Fast-moving products with attractive margins help you make good money.

Why Offer Ear Piercing – Fast mover STUDEX

STUDEX earrings – including ear piercing services – have been highlighted several times as “fast-moving miracles” by German jewelry magazine “Blickpunkt Juwelier”. There’s no doubt that our piercing earrings and follow-up earrings sell more quickly than many other jewelry brands.

In addition, STUDEX offers above-average margins compared to others in the jewelry industry. Ear piercing with real gold is the most lucrative, and parents are the target group that is the least price-sensitive. In short, ear piercing is a service with which you can earn good money.

Did you know ...?

… that most people remember when and where they had their ear pierced? When working with STUDEX® systems, you can be assured that ear piercing will be a positive experience for your customers. Take advatage of this great opportunity to form a life-long customer relationship.

STUDEX® is your reliable one-stop partner for ear piercing and hypoallergenic earrings.

Why Offer Ear Piercing – one-stop partner STUDEX

Providing ear piercing services perfectly complements your current business activities. All our innovative STUDEX products are easy to use and provide best results daily — be it our

  • ear piercing systems, including sterile piercing earrings and aftercare products,
  • or our great variety of hypoallergenic non-piercing earrings in gorgeous designs.

With our training, ear piercing is easy to learn, and you’ll be up and running in no time. With our sales network, we provide first-class sales and logistics services. In addition, we offer marketing materials, such as counter-top displays, brochures, window stickers or posters.

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