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Constellation Piercings: A New Trend?

We love them to the moon and back: constellation piercings. Since Refinery 29 reported about this trend under the term “constellation piercings,” apparently coined by L.A.-based piercer Brian Keith Thompson, it has been covered in various media. But what exactly are constellation piercings? And is this really a new trend?

Constellation piercings are a combination of three or more ear piercings per ear. They usually come as an arrangement of three piercings in the earlobe and one or more piercings in the cartilage area of the ear, such as a helix piercing. Studs or tiny hoops are the jewelry of choice for this trend.

Constellation piercings trend
constellation piercings trend

Not really new, you say?

True, we answer. Multiple earrings per ear are not a new trend but definitely one that’s still gaining momentum. We have reported about this trend for the past four years (see 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013). But we do love piercers like Brian Keith Thompson and other ear piercing specialists who develop their own styles of ear piercing combinations.

Thompson, who has pierced the ears of celebrities such as Beyoncé or Scarlett Johansson at his body piercing and tattoo parlor Body Electric Tattoo on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, shows some great examples of his work on his Instagram page:
Example 1, Brian Keith Thompson (@bodyelectrictattoo) (Instagram link)
Example 2, Brian Keith Thompson (@bodyelectrictattoo) (Instagram link)
Example 3, Brian Keith Thompson (@bodyelectrictattoo) (Instagram link)
Example 4, Brian Keith Thompson (@bodyelectrictattoo) (Instagram link)

What are the main characteristics of constellation piercings?

For us at STUDEX, not all multiple ear piercings per ear are constellation piercings. In fact, constellation piercings are a sub-trend of the multiple ear piercings trend. For us, true constellation piercings have the following characteristics:

  • A minimum of three earrings per ear, mainly studs
  • All earrings in the shapes of celestial bodies: planets, stars, moons, rings, etc.
  • A combination of ear piercing jewelry in different sizes
  • Different arrangements of ear piercings on both ears (asymmetrical)

In case you’re wondering: Constellation piercings do not need to represent miniature versions of actual star constellations, such as Orion, or asterisms, such as the Big Dipper. They just give your ears a touch of sparkle that is similar to the night sky.
Example 5, Grace Liang (@hellograciegrace) (Instagram link)
Example 6, Dreama Walker (@dreamadew) (Instagram link)
Example 7, Brian Keith Thompson (@bodyelectrictattoo) (Instagram link)

They look best with a combination of earrings of the same color or material.

Some gorgeous examples of STUDEX System75 constellation piercing studs:

Upper row, left to right: pearl, 2 mm, bezel setting, gold plated (7531-0301); ball, 3 mm, 18K yellow gold (7518-3000-23); diamond, 8 point (0.08 ct), prong setting, 14K yellow gold (7514-3035-23)

Lower row, left to right:star, 4 mm, gold plated (7511-0501); April crystal, 3 mm, bezel setting, 18K yellow gold (7518-3204-23); 3 mm Cubic Zirconia, prong setting, 18K yellow gold (7518-3010-23)

Upper row, left to right: ball, 3 mm, surgical stainless steel (7532-0300); April crystal, 2 mm, bezel setting, surgical stainless steel (7532-0204); 5 mm Cubic Zirconia, star, prong setting, surgical stainless steel (7522-0402)

Lower row, left to right: Fireball, AB crystal, 4.5 mm, surgical stainless steel (7522-0315); 2 mm Cubic Zirconia, prong setting, surgical stainless steel (7532-0100); star, 4 mm, surgical stainless steel (7512-0501)

Ready for a starry night? Go for it.

Image credits
Image “The Starry Night”: Vincent van Gogh [public domain], via Wikimedia Commons; earring images: © STUDEX of Europe GmbH