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Ear Piercing for Kids: Summer Break Is the Perfect Time

Summer break can mean a sales slump for retailers, because that’s the time when many people go on vacation. Some services, however, are in high demand during the summer months and draw consumers into the stores. Ear piercing for kids is on the top of that list.

High Season for Ear Piercing

“Through our website we receive many inquiries throughout the year from consumers about STUDEX partners in their vicinity. During school breaks, the number of inquiries is always especially high,” says Juergen Weiss, Managing Director of STUDEX Europa, the world’s leading manufacturer of ear piercing systems and earrings. “The last spring break brought us a new monthly record in inquiries, but we expect that this will be topped by far in the summer months. For the summer, and above all the months of July and August, are our absolute high season for ear piercing.”

STUDEX helps consumers find a STUDEX partner in their vicinity that offers ear piercing with STUDEX System75 and hypoallergenic ear piercing studs as well as regular STUDEX earrings. According to Corinna Selzle, Sales and Marketing Manager with STUDEX, parents who are looking to grant their children’s wish for first earrings are among those who take advantage of this service most frequently.

“Retailers who offer ear piercing services prove that specialty stores do offer an added value with their expert advice and service, because that’s nothing anyone could order online,” Juergen Weiss points out. “And once consumers have set foot in a specialty store, they quickly find that their visit was really worth it.”

Ear Piercing for Children: Summer Break Is the Perfect Time

Reasons for the Boom

“For many people, the school breaks are the ideal time for ear piercing for kids, since they can get used to the new earrings and the daily aftercare routine during that time,” explains Corinna Selzle. “For many parents it’s just more convenient if their kids can take their time to learn how to care for their new ear piercings. They also have to worry less about PE at school.* By the time their kids go back to school after the summer break, their ears will have healed.”
(*Also check out our summer tips about swimming and going on vacation with new ear piercings.)

Two Target Groups: Parents with Kindergarteners and Teenagers

The ear piercing boom during summer break is caused by two target groups: On the one hand, parents with kindergarteners and elementary schoolers look for trustworthy stores to grant their children’s wish for earrings for the first day of school or for the start of the next grade. They value top-quality studs, which should be hypoallergenic and skin friendly. Therefore their favorite materials are real gold or surgical stainless steel. The most popular designs are flower and butterfly shapes; balls or round settings are classics.

On the other hand, teenagers take advantage of the summer break to get additional ear piercings, since multiple earrings per ear are a trend that’s becoming even more popular. When they go back to school after the summer, they have all the more reason to shine with their new earring combination. According to STUDEX, teenagers are often a little more apprehensive about ear piercing than little kids and therefore often ask specifically for partners using STUDEX System75, since this system is well known to be very gentle and barely noticeable. Their favorite designs are the sparkling “Fireballs.”

Ear Piercing for Kids: Summer Break Is the Perfect Time

In a Nutshell: One Swallow Doesn’t Make a Summer, but a New Pair of Ear Piercings Does!

Whether you’re going on vacation this summer or staying at home during the break: The time is perfect for having your kid’s or your own ears pierced.

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