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Ear Piercing for Men: Interview with Stephan

Ear piercing for men is a topic that is covered much less by the media than ear piercing for women or children. Although earrings are not nearly as common for men as they are for women, their popularity among men is increasing.

One example is Stephan (early 30s), who recently sent us this cool selfie of his left ear via Facebook with the following comment:

“Tried out something new with your system. 😉”

We loved this image so much that we decided to find our more about it. Here is our interview with Stephan:

Ear Piercing for Men

That looks really great, Stephan. Where and when did you have your ears pierced?

I had my ears pierced at a jeweler’s. The first two in my early 20s. A very classic look: one on the left, one on the right. Two or three years later, I had another ear piercing on each side, and after a few more years, a third one on both sides. And recently I had two more added to my left earlobe at a jewelry store.

Ear Piercing Men

As a man with earrings or even multiple earrings, did you feel like the odd one out among your circle of friends? And how did the others react?

With my first earrings, a little bit, but I’ve always received positive feedback. Meanwhile, several men in my circle of friends wear earrings, some also on both sides.

You wear up to five earrings on the left side and three on the right. Do people ever ask you about your ear piercings?

Now, with this pattern of five, a few people did ask me. Before that, not at all. They’re simply a part of me.

Yes, that matches our experiences. Do you remember what was the trigger for you to have your ears pierced or to have them pierced multiple times?

It just happened, with no particular reason. I simply like it.

What would you recommend to other men who are thinking about having their ears pierced?

To everyone who’s thinking about ear piercing for men, I’d say just do it and don’t think about it too much. You may initially hear a comment here or there, but much less often than you may think, and then it’s just normal. I’d also recommend to have both sides pierced. I personally don’t like an ear piercing on just one side. Also for multiple ear piercings per ear: Just go for it. ????

Ear Piercing Men

Do you know which ear piercing system and what type of studs your jeweler used?

For the first and second ear piercings, they still used the old “guns.” For the third ones and now for the latest two, they used STUDEX System75. The studs are the STUDEX balls made from surgical stainless steel.

Thanks a lot, Stephan.

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Image credits
Header image: © Hannah Busing/Unsplash, image #1: © Stephan/STUDEX of Europe GmbH; image #2: © Arrul Lin/Unsplash, image #3: © Nate (@nathanmortn)/Unsplash