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Ear Piercing TV Report With STUDEX on RTL

RTL presented an informative report about ear piercing in the summer break in its national German “Punkt 12” show on July 20 and “Guten Morgen Deutschland” (Good Morning Germany) the following day. In the report by editors Anne Schneemelcher and Astrid Ehling, Nora’s (9) mother and STUDEX Marketing Manager Corinna Selzle explain why the summer break is the ideal time for ear piercing for children. The inquiries for ear piercing services increase by 90 % in the summer months July and August according to STUDEX, the world’s leading manufacturer of ear piercing systems and hypoallergenic earrings.

The RTL TV team shows how the two 9-year-old girls Nora and Hannah, together with their moms, visit the jewelry store of STUDEX partner Kerstin Folter in Halle, Germany, to select their first earrings and have their ears pierced. Nora picks pink butterflies, and Hannah chooses blue daisies as piercing studs. The jeweler caters to the needs of her young customers lovingly and professionally. With the STUDEX System75 instrument, the ears are pierced quickly and gently.

Kerstin Folter emphasizes the importance of hygiene, for example that newly pierced ears should only be touched with clean hands. The importance of proper aftercare twice a day with an antiseptic is also mentioned. According to Corinna Selzle, this is one of the reasons why parents choose the summer break to have their child’s ears pierced, since then they usually have a little more time to explain the aftercare routine to their children. Another reason is the fact that first earrings are a popular gift for the first day of school.

Ear Piercing TV

My favorite scene is toward the end of the report, when the two girls check each other and their earrings out, and Nora’s big smile at the very end! 😀

Here you can view RTL’s original report (in German). And here you’ll find the matching article.

Regarding the tips for swimming with newly pierced ears, however, we recommend to wait at least 6 weeks. For more information, check out our Summer Tips or our Questions & Answers.

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Header image: © Sam McGhee/Unsplash; image interview: © RTL interactive GmbH