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Ear Piercing Aftercare

Taking good care of your ears after piercing is almost as important for the beauty and health of your ears as state-of-the-art precision instruments, top-quality piercing studs and experienced ear piercing specialists. New ear piercings should be cared for at least twice a day with the appropriate products, starting 24 hours after the ear was pierced. This will help you avoid infections or other complications.

Care Advice for New Ear Piercings

What’s the best way to care for new ear piercings? What should you avoid? Are there any special considerations when having the cartilage area of your ear pierced?

You will enjoy your new ear piercings the most, if you treat them well and take good care of them after piercing. Statistics show that by far the greatest percentage of post-piercing complications and infections are caused through negligent aftercare procedures. This care advice will help you promote a trouble-free healing process and avoid complications.

  • Wash hands thoroughly before touching your earrings or ears.
  • Cleanse the front and back of each ear with a STUDEX aftercare product (solution, spray or gel) at least twice a day, starting 24 hours after the ear was pierced, without removing the studs. Move each stud back and forth in the hole while applying the aftercare product.
  • In between cleansing, try to keep your ears dry.

  • Do not remove the studs or handle your ears and/or studs unnecessarily.
  • Do not push the earring back along the post towards the ear. It is important that the back is always positioned in the notch of the earring post. Therefore make sure to check its correct position with every aftercare procedure in order to allow for adequate air circulation, thus accelerating the healing process. An earring that sits too tightly can cause an infection.

  • Leave the studs in your earlobes for at least 6 weeks continuously (12 weeks for cartilage piercings).
  • After 6 weeks (earlobes) or 12 weeks (cartilage), you can remove the studs and wear other post-type earrings continuously.
  • Use only post-type earrings continuously for 5 months (earlobe) after piercing (12 months for cartilage), no hook earrings. The earring post should be made of surgical stainless steel or other hypoallergenic material. All earrings of the Sensitive by STUDEX or STUDEX Select collections are optimally suited. You will also find other top-quality earrings, such as real gold earrings, at your trusted STUDEX partner store. For the cartilage area we recommend barbells.
  • Keep hairspray, shampoo, soap and other preparations away from your ear piercings. After shampooing, the ear should be rinsed with clear water and then prepared with a STUDEX aftercare product as described above.
  • Minor swelling and/or redness may occur immediately—this is normal. This should settle within 48 hours provided that you follow these care instructions. If undue pain, swelling or redness occurs at any time, seek medical advice immediately.

Due to the nature of the ear cartilage, extra care should be taken during the healing period. Piercings in the cartilage area take longer to heal than earlobe piercings (up to 3 months).

  • For cartilage, too, minor swelling and/or redness may occur immediately—this is normal. This should settle within 48 hours provided that you follow these care instructions. If undue pain, swelling or redness occurs at any time, seek medical advice immediately.
  • Important: Do not treat complications associated with ear cartilage piercings lightly! Failure to properly follow aftercare procedures or to seek medical advice, should a problem occur, may result in permanent scarring of the ear cartilage. Don’t hesitate in such circumstances—you will be glad and relieved having sought the care of a physician in a timely manner.

NEW!!!:  STUDEX® Advanced is a 2-in-1 piercing aftercare product and cleanser for optimum skin care.

  • Allows you to change earlobe piercings after only 3 weeks and cartilage piercings after only 8 weeks.
  • Non-toxic
  • Skin neutral pH
  • Soothes and calms the skin
  • Faster recovery
  • Antimicrobial protection
  • Hydrates the skin
STUDEX ADVANCED 2-in-1 aftercare and cleanser

What’s the secret?

This revolutionary aftercare product contains a unique hypochlorous technology with a chemistry that simultaneously helps to increase hydration and support the skin barrier. It is oil-free, so it does not clog pores, and can be used by all skin types!

Achieving this remarkable level of skin hygiene without using irritating or toxic substances is what gives such great results. Without burning or irritating, it closes the pores, so that the skin is sealed safely and faster.

Use as an aftercare product by applying 2-3 times daily as necessary.

*Listed as a cosmetic product

Aftercare Products

STUDEX® Advanced, STUDEX® After Piercing Solution and STUDEX® Piercing Care Gel are products specifically designed for the care of your ears, starting 24 hours after they were pierced. With these products, you will be able to protect your newly pierced ears from infection. For regular care during the healing process, we recommend an amount of 100 ml. These products are available from your ear piercing specialist.