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Safe Ear Piercing for Children

Because we care.

With STUDEX® System75™, we provide a safe ear piercing solution especially for children. This ear piercing system is exceptionally gentle and virtually silent so that your child will not be startled as her or his ears are pierced. The piercing studs and earring backs are packaged in sterile cartridges, which your ear piercing specialist inserts directly into the instrument without ever touching the studs with their hands. Safe, hygienic, and quick.

Only the best for your child’s ears

All our piercing earrings for STUDEX System75 are hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. We provide a great variety of adorable earring designs for children — from classic shapes to cute motifs from nature or fairy tales.

For toddlers and babies, we have developed a special collection of piercing earrings for very small ears: the STUDEX® Kids Line.

Check with your trusted STUDEX partner to see which types of earrings they recommend and which styles they have in store.

Where to have your child’s
ears pierced with STUDEX®?

We take utmost care in selecting our partners and value these greatly: jewelry stores, beauty salons, piercing studios, hair dressers, doctors, and pharmacies. All STUDEX partners are well trained and offer you excellent, personal advice. Your child is in good hands.

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Ear Piercing for Children: Tips for Parents

For a lifetime of joy for your child

#1: Make it a fun event

If your child can help choose her or his earrings, she or he will focus on the nice earrings and less on the piercing process. Your wording is important too. Avoid frightening words such us “punching” or “gun.” Instead, say something like, “Let’s get your earrings.” The ear piercing specialist uses a “little earring instrument.” (STUDEX System75 might be shaped like a gun, but the piercing process is much gentler.) You’ll probably remember this from doctor’s visits with your child: Many kids are a little scared of shots, even though they are just a little pinch. Compared to getting shots, however, ear piercing with STUDEX System75 is barely noticeable, even for kids.

#2: Regular aftercare

Good after piercing care is extremely important. As parents, this is naturally your responsibility, too. Please read and follow our aftercare advice. Depending on your child’s age, explain to her or him how she or he can help her or his ears to heal quickly. Always make sure that the earring backs (butterflies) are not pushed too closely towards the ear piercing. STUDEX System75 ensures that they are set from the start with the ideal distance to the ear (in the little notch at the end of the earring post). As long as you do not alter this position, enough air will be able to circulate around the ear. This promotes the healing process.

ear piercing for children
ear piercing for children

How ears are professionally pierced: 12 steps

Ear piercing with STUDEX® System75™ is easy, safe and absolutely hygienic. The following 12 steps describe what to expect when you have your child’s ears professionally pierced at a STUDEX partner store with STUDEX System75.

Step 1

Both sides of the earlobe are cleansed with an alcohol prep pad. Allow 30 seconds for the alcohol to dry.

Step 2

A marking pen is used to mark the precise spot where the ear will be pierced.

Step 3

Look in the mirror to confirm that the proper spot has been marked. The marking will then be carefully wiped off, leaving just a hint of a dot.

Step 4

The seal of the blister pack is then peeled off without removing the cartridge containing the piercing earring and clasp, thus ensuring sterility.

Step 5

The cartridge is now loaded onto the instrument without touching it.

Step 6

Once the cartridge is properly attached, the blister pack is lifted off. Neither piercing earring nor clasp were touched at any stage.

Step 7

The point of the piercing earring is lined up precisely with the mark on the ear.

Step 8

The instrument’s handle is then squeezed and the ear is gently pierced with the piercing earring. The clasp is positioned at the same time, assuring the proper distance between earlobe and clasp.

Step 9

At this point, the instrument is released and removed with a gentle downward motion.

Step 10

The blister pack is then placed over the empty cartridge for easy removal.

Step 11

The cartridge is now removed and disposed of. This completes the entirely sterile piercing process.

Step 12

Finally your ear piercing specialist will give you advice on the proper after piercing care. Starting 24 hours after the ear was pierced, you should apply an aftercare product regularly, twice a day, to the front and back of the ear piercing.

Watch this little heroine getting her ears pierced.

Little Heroes:

Ear Piercing With STUDEX® System75™

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Why STUDEX® System75™?

STUDEX System75 is very gentle, tissue friendly, and barely noticeable.
The system is virtually silent and thus also ideally suited for children.

Go for original STUDEX® products

Ear piercing is a matter of trust, and it does make a difference which ear piercing system and studs you choose. Therefore, when having your or your child’s ears pierced, make sure to look for top quality and safety: Ask your piercing specialist if they use STUDEX System75. The following characteristic features will help you recognize genuine STUDEX brand products.

Safe Ear Piercing with STUDEX

The instrument

The original STUDEX® System75™ instrument has an embossed STUDEX logo font. Together with the original STUDEX cartridges, this system ensures a safe and hassle-free piercing process.

Safe Ear Piercing with STUDEX

The cartridge seal

The seal of the blister pack of the original STUDEX® System75™ cartridge shows the STUDEX logo, the name ,“SYSTEM75™,” and a date by when the sterility of the earring and clasp is guaranteed. This is usually a period of 10 years. In addition to the touch-free loading of the instrument, the original cartridges ensure an optimal piercing process.


The earring back

Every original STUDEX® System75™ piercing stud also has the words “STUDEX CLASSIC USA” embossed on the clasp.

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