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Fall Tips: Sparkling Earrings for a Beautiful Fall

Fall is colorful. Fall is cozy. And fall is fun.

It’s time to break out our fall clothes and enjoy the beautiful nature and yummy foods. Just in case you are already missing the summer or dreading a gray November, here comes our list of “15 Little Things We Love About Fall”. New earrings are high up on our list…

Put some sparkle on your ears with new earrings

We love to wear earrings in the fall, since they provide such a wonderful opportunity to add a little sparkle even to a rainy day. They are great accessories to complement the colors of the latest fall fashion. Yellow gold earrings or neon orange studs, for example, look cute with long-sleeve shirts, cozy sweaters or scarves in fall colors. Whether you wish to add one or more new ear piercings to your look or go earring shopping to match the fall style—earrings are definitely one of those little things that make a difference.

Tip: If you have not worn earrings for a while or if your ears get cold and your skin dries out easily, use a cleansing solution or gel, such as STUDEX After Piercing Lotion or STUDEX Piercing Care Gel, to clean your earrings and moisturize the skin of your ears. It will also make inserting your earrings easier.

Embrace fall fashion

Finally we can wear boots again and long sleeves and coats or jackets and scarves. Fall offers so much more variety of styles—from the layered look to faux fur to whatever sounds good for the season. For me fall officially begins when I feel I have to wear socks or tights again—not on a certain day. Good-bye, sandals, see you in the spring.

Get out of the house

Fall is the best time to enjoy nature and the beautiful foliage. Go hiking with a friend or take the dog for extra long walks. Breath in the fresh air. It clears your mind. My BFF and I meet once a week for a walk—rain or shine. When I try to find excuses why not to go, she reminds me, “There is no bad weather, just the wrong clothing.” Pick up leaves, make big piles and fall into them—you did it as a child and there is no rule that says you can’t do it today. Be silly, laugh loud, make someone else smile.

And when you’re home, get cozy

Have you ever carved a pumpkin? It’s actually hard work, but looks nice. Decorate your house. Make yummy foods. I love to eat anything pumpkin in the fall—pasta with pumpkin, spaghetti squash with Parmesan cheese… This soup here is a pumpkin soup—delicious! My favorite drink in the cold season is hot chocolate. My favorite place is the couch with a great book, a nice fire going in the fireplace, several candles lit, snuggled up under a cozy blanket, with the smell of a freshly baked pie in the air. Invite your friends and make a bonfire in the backyard. Roast marshmallows. Or have a game night, or a movie night…

Have a fantastic fall!

Here is our list of 15 Little Things We Love About Fall.
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