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Spring Tips: Time for Change

Spring has finally arrived along with our spring tips!

The days are longer, the sun is showing itself, and it’s time to finally put winter behind us. Do you also see spring as an opportunity to do things differently, to see things more positively? In that case we have a few tips for you:

1. Off to the hairstylist

Most immediately noticeable are changes to our appearance. Therefore, a “springtime self-motivation and renewal program” can be effectively jump-started with a visit to your favorite hairstylist. Our hair is often dry after the winter months and yearns for nourishing care. Our hair color also calls for change come springtime, such as highlights, for example. If you wish to change your look significantly, don’t be afraid to make bold choices when deciding on a new hair style—from long to short, straight to curly. The time is now.

2. A new favorite

Next on your list is shopping. The best time for this is AFTER your visit to the hair stylist, because that’s when you look the best and most likely feel great, too. We usually have our most successful shopping experiences when we’re “just looking”, not when we have a long shopping list of things we need. Tip: Set a budget first and just go with the flow, until something really speaks to you. A new purse, a fabulous pair of shoes, a light jacket for milder temperatures or just the right top that rings in the new season—preferably just that one special item which has the potential of becoming a favorite rather than all those boring basics you see everywhere. Accessories such as scarves, jewelry and bags are always in style.

4. A craving for healthy foods

When the sun appears and temperatures rise above freezing, our body yearns for vitamins. Don’t you find that in spring you crave salads, raw vegetables, yogurt, buttermilk, and other healthy foods more than in winter? Take advantage of this time of year. Not with radical spring diets, but with sensible and healthy changes in the way you eat. Not with unrealistic weight loss goals, but with reasonable nutrition such as food combining. Aside from the fact that you will lose a few of those winter pounds, you will begin to feel really good. Spring fever, good-bye! You can find food combining recipes online or in books and magazines. Remember to also drink lots of fluids, such as water or unsweetened herbal or rooibos tea.

5. Fit as a fiddle

Not only do you need healthy nutrition to help you feel in shape, exercise is equally important. Many swear by running, but it can also be a different sport that keeps you active. The important thing is that you engage in regular workouts. When working out becomes part of your routine, such as running for 30 minutes every other day, then you don’t question it anymore. Just try it—four weeks non-stop, no excuses. After that time you are over the worst of it, in fact, exercising simply becomes a natural part of your everyday life. For additional inspiration, you might want to check out a fitness magazine, book or app which provides you with more tips.

6. Little treats for the soul

Don’t forget to do something good for your soul every now and then, too. Pick some books that can take you to the next level. Those who read something about positive thinking are much more motivated when it comes to structuring their lives in a meaningful way than those who complain on social media about yet another person who decided to “unfollow” them. Surround yourself with people who share your can-do attitude instead of those who don’t realize they are wallowing in their chronic role as victims. Do something nice for others—without expecting something in return, since you will gain great energy yourself from these acts of kindness. Give yourself some fresh spring flowers and put them on your breakfast table. Be creative!

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