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Winter Tips for Ear Piercing and Earrings

A cold winter is a time to bundle up…

…with wool hats, earmuffs, scarves, and heavy sweaters. The colder it gets outside, the more warmly we dress ourselves. We especially try to keep our necks and ears warm.

This is not always so easy, if you wear earrings. Long earrings love to get stuck in scarves. We also often forget to be careful with earrings when putting on and taking off a variety of headgear in the winter.

This is how you’ll make it through winter with your ears and earrings intact:

  • Wear studs more often, since these don’t get tangled as easily in your scarves, hats, and sweaters.
  • Put your earrings or studs on after the sweater, so they don’t get caught.
  • Treat your ears with aftercare products, since your earlobes could begin to tear, if your earrings get stuck in your scarf. Sometimes these tears are so small, they are hardly noticeable. An infection may result. The use of care products may help to prevent this.

Is the winter a good time to have your ears pierced?

It was once considered a bad idea to have your ears pierced in winter. Actually, there never was a very good explanation for this. In fact, it is quite alright to have your ears pierced at any time of year. If anything, the cold may actually be rather pleasant for newly pierced ears. If you choose a retailer who uses STUDEX System75, you will barely notice the setting of the piercing earring anyway. So it is neither necessary to wait for winter, nor must you avoid it.
If you feel like it, just go ahead and get your ears pierced.

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