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Earring and Ear Piercing Trends 2017

Which earring and ear piercing trends are to be expected this year? What’s new? Let’s get started with the new earring designs for 2017:

Earring and Ear Piercing Trends 2017 – #1: A Touch of Glamour

A little bit of bling on the ear is in style this year – not just for parties or on weekends, but every day. After all, it’s for us to decide if today is going to be a special day. Glitter earrings can even be found as piercing earrings, such as the new glitter hearts or stars for STUDEX System75 made from surgical stainless steel or gold plated.

Earring and Ear Piercing Trends 2017
Earring and Ear Piercing Trends 2017

Earring and Ear Piercing Trends 2017 – #2: Where Children’s Dreams Come True

Children who are allowed to pick their first earrings at the store love motifs from nature or fairy tales. Not only do they look great, they can also tell stories, for example with bears, ladybugs, princess crowns, daisies, butterflies or the oh-so-rare unicorns. Therefore, many stores will be expanding their piercing earring assortment accordingly this year, for example by some new designs from the skin-friendly STUDEX collection.

Earring and Ear Piercing Trends 2017 – #3: Constellations

As we reported previously, constellation ear piercings are a trend that first appeared in the U.S.A. It goes hand in hand with the well established mega trend of wearing multiple earrings per ear, turning the ear in its entirety into a piece of art. For the constellations look, studs in the shapes of stars, planets or moons are combined on the ear. Hence, these types of earring designs will be high in demand this year.

Earring and Ear Piercing Trends 2017
Earring and Ear Piercing Trends 2017

Earring and Ear Piercing Trends 2017 – #4: Green Rules

According to the color experts of the Pantone Color Institute, “Greenery”, a fresh yellow-green, is “Color of the Year 2017.” It will also influence the world of jewelry. For Pantone this color symbolizes “the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive” as well as “the pursuit of personal passions and vitality.” Those who wish to freshen up their accessories accordingly, can easily do so with hypoallergenic studs from STUDEX in various shades of green, featuring emeralds or peridots, for example.

In addition to these design trends, the following consumer behavior will influence the market for earrings in 2017:

Earring and Ear Piercing Trends 2017 – #5: “Trying on” Earrings and Bulk Shopping

When selecting new earrings, consumers love to use tools that help them decide. Since earrings cannot be tried on in the store for hygienic reasons, displays with sample studs on transparent pegs have become popular, where the studs can be held directly to the ear. Consumers also tend to buy several pairs of earrings at a time. That is also true for those who have their ears or their children’s ears pierced for the first time. This group selects additional designs right away to make sure they have some variety to choose from when their earlobes are healed after six weeks.

Earring and Ear Piercing Trends 2017

Earring and Ear Piercing Trends 2017 – #6: Seasonal Peaks

In many countries, consumers prefer to have their ears pierced during school breaks. The favorite periods for ear piercing are summer break, spring break, winter break, and fall break, in that order.

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