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Earring and Ear Piercing Trends 2018: Skin Friendly, Violet and Individual

These are the earring and ear piercing trends to look out for in 2018: The megatrends Health and Individualization, as described by trend scouts such as those of Trendone or the Zukunftsinstitut (Future Institute), will influence the earring and ear piercing market this year, as will the color of the year 2018, “Ultra Violet”, as announced by the Pantone Color Institute. The following developments are to be expected for 2018.

Earring and Ear Piercing Trends 2018 – #1: Hypoallergenic, Skin-Friendly Materials

One aspect of the megatrend Health is that consumers make conscious decisions. For the jewelry market, this means that they will pay more attention to which materials the jewelry they are buying is made of. Therefore, earrings made from hypoallergenic and skin-friendly materials such as real gold, titanium or surgical stainless steel will be in demand. This will be true for both ear piercing and regular (non-piercing) jewelry. Parents belong to the best-informed consumers, as they want to make sure to avoid allergic reactions for their children. STUDEX, the leading international manufacturer of ear piercing systems and hypoallergenic earrings, meets the high expectations of these health-conscious consumers with all of their earrings. Many STUDEX partners are expected to add more 14 karat gold piercing studs for ear piercing with STUDEX System75 as well as the collection of hypoallergenic non-piercing earrings Sensitive by STUDEX to their assortment.

Earring and Ear Piercing Trends 2018
Earring and Ear Piercing Trends 2018

Earring and Ear Piercing Trends 2018 – #2: Dark Violet Tones

The color of the year 2018 is “PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet“. According to the color experts of the Pantone Color Institute, this dramatically provocative shade of purple stands for “originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking.” You will see this color everywhere this year, be it in jewelry, fashion or beauty products. Our jewelry experts therefore recommend to add a few earrings in purple shades to your collection. STUDEX offers piercing studs (for ear piercing with STUDEX System75) and non-piercing earrings (Sensitive by STUDEX) with Amethyst or Tanzanite. They are available at many STUDEX partners.

Earring and Ear Piercing Trends 2018 – #3: Individual Statements, Unicorns and Stardust

Along with the megatrend Individualization comes a preference for jewelry with a statement. As for earrings, the unicorn continues to be popular, since customers of various age groups use this motif to express their lifestyle and uniqueness. Since it is common to wear multiple earrings per ear to create a “piece of ear art,” the unicorn is often combined with studs in the shapes of stars or planets. Fans also love to adorn their ears with a combination of studs in national or club colors. Those who want to update their fan gear for this year’s soccer world cup with earrings in their national colors or in the shape of (world champion’s) stars, will find those at their trusted STUDEX partner.

Earring and Ear Piercing Trends 2018

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