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Earring and Ear Piercing Trends 2022: Color “Very Peri,” Curated Ears, Real Gold

We’ll notice three major earring and ear piercing trends in 2022: a lavender-like color of the year, combinations of multiple earrings per ear, and a preference for real gold. Read more about these trends below:

Earring and Ear Piercing Trends 2022 – #1: Color of the Year “Very Peri”

One major earring trend will be the Pantone Color of the Year. In 2022, this is a periwinkle shade of blue with a violet-red undertone that the Pantone Color Institute has newly created under the name “Very Peri.” This shade, reminiscent of lavender, stands for innovation and change as well as vibrancy, cheerfulness and dynamism coupled with creativity and imagination. STUDEX caters to this trend with earrings featuring tanzanite, for example. This color can be perfectly complemented with different color palettes, e.g. with delicate tones such as rose, natural tones such as green and gold, classic or neutral tones such as black or crystal, or even vibrant shades of pink. In their earring collection for ear piercing with STUDEX System75 or their follow-up earring collection Sensitive by STUDEX, the designers offer a large selection of matching hypoallergenic earrings.

earring and ear piercing trends 2022: color of the year "very peri"

Earring and Ear Piercing Trends 2022 – #2: Curated Ears 

A second major ear piercing trend is “curated ears,” the combination of several earrings per ear. Three earrings in the earlobe are standard today, often combined with two or more earrings in the upper ear. When getting your ears pierced, it makes sense to plan the next two to four ear piercings with your specialist in order to achieve the perfect look you’re aiming for. Apps like “Ear Piercing with STUDEX” make it easy to curate your ears and create your own style.
Good to know: STUDEX has extended its assortment by several hypoallergenic earrings in 2 mm or 3 mm size, which are ideally suited as third earrings in the earlobe.

Earring and Ear Piercing Trends 2022: Color “Very Peri,” Curated Ears, Real Gold

Earring and Ear Piercing Trends 2022 – #3: Real Gold 

Real gold will continue to be in demand for piercing earrings in 2022. This is true for classic models such as balls or crystals in bezel settings as well as Cubic Zirconia in prong settings, pearls or daisies. According to STUDEX, 585 (14 karat) gold is currently most popular, followed by 750 (18 karat) gold and finally 375 (9 karat) gold.

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