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Earring Trends 2014: Four Hallmarks

What kind of earrings will be worn in 2014? Which are the new earring trends for 2014? We’ve asked jewelry designers, checked the runways, observed stars and starlets and always have an eye on the current street style. Here’s what we’ve found:

Earring Trend #1: “Ear Party” with multiple earrings per ear

“Wait a moment,” you’re thinking? “That was already a trend last year.” You’re right, but in 2014 this trend will catch on even more; multiple earrings per ear will soon be the norm. It’s already omnipresent as a street style. Two or three earrings in the earlobe are most common and frequently combined with one or more additional earrings in the cartilage area of the upper ear. Those who prefer a classic look, go for diamond or pearl studs. The lowest earring in the earlobe is usually the biggest one; the size of the studs mostly decreases the higher they are placed on the ear. We also see combinations of different motifs, usually with matching styles or materials. Barbells or small hoops in the upper ear are also very popular, as they create a visual contrast to the more classic studs in the earlobe. After all, earrings are as multifaceted as their wearers; and they are a more and more important way of expressing one’s own lifestyle. The classic look with just one earring per lobe, however, will be seen less and less frequently in 2014.
Our Pinterest boards “Stack It!” and “Cute Ear Piercing Pictures/Videos” show some great looking combinations.

earring trends – multiple earrings
earring trends – ear cuffs

Earring Trend #2: Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs are ear jewelry which is clipped to the cartilage area of the ear without the need of piercing the ear. Many of them come in the shapes of rings that are open on one side. The ear cuff trend goes along with trend #1, since ear cuffs are usually worn at the edge of the middle or upper ear in addition to earrings in the lobe. On the one hand, they are ideal for those who do not wish to have the cartilage area of their ears pierced. On the other hand, they are very popular for everyone who wants to go for a bolder earring look. Ear cuffs are wider and more dominant than regular earrings. They also go well with barbells or small hoops on the upper ear. The styles range from feminine to punk. I wouldn’t recommend ear cuffs with a chain linked to a regular stud, since it’s easy to get tangled in those. Shapes which decorate the ear with fairylike wings aren’t very practical either. These might be better suited for a special occasion.
You’ll find some nice examples of ear cuffs on our Pinterest board.

Earring Trend #3: The Color Purple

Purple is the absolute trend color for 2014. Not only does this show in the watch and jewelry industry but also in the beauty industry and in fashion. The wide palette of colors includes all shades of purple, violet, fuchsia, pink, and rose. The main focus is on purple, but related colors are a perfect match. We will see many accessories in purple this year, including watches, earrings, rings, necklaces, scarves, and purses. Makeup fans will be in style with eye shadows and nail polish in purple and violet tones. Purple shoes are a true fashion statement. In the summer, purple is combined with white. At night, it looks great with black. If you’re looking for new earrings, go for the purple color palette and you’ll be ready for the 2014 trend.
Find some color inspiration on our Pinterest board.

earring trends purple
Earrings trends – animal motifs

Earring Trend #4: Animal Motifs

Earring motifs in 2014 are all about animals. Butterflies, ladybugs, bumblebees, dragonflies, owls and other birds will be most popular. These little guys come perfectly in style: Top-quality materials, such as karat gold, silver or surgical stainless steel, will be adorned with crystals, pearls or even diamonds. Many jewelry designers offer animal earrings—from the entry-level price segment to luxury brands. Examples are STUDEX, Tiffany, Chanel or Dior.
A number of gorgeous earrings with animal motifs can be found on this Pinterest board.

Overall we’re expecting an exciting year 2014 for earrings—with more earrings, new combinations, gorgeous colors, and fresh motifs.

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