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Earring Trends 2015: Shapes, Colors, Combinations

Which earring trends are to be expected for the year 2015? What’s new from jewelry designers? What have we seen on runways and on the streets? And which of these earring trends are represented on jewelry and lifestyle shows like INHORGENTA MUNICH 2015 (February 20-23) and BASELWORLD 2015 (March 19-26)?

Earring Trends 2015 – #1: Inspired by Nature

This year, earring motifs are strongly influenced by Mother Nature. Jewelry designers have obviously been inspired by flora and fauna. Kenneth Jay Lane, for example, offers earrings in the shapes of leaves, feathers, frogs, corals, starfish or snakes. Vianna Brasil also shows a touch of nature. The major earring trends inspired by nature are definitely butterflies and flowers. These motifs are quite dominant for other pieces of jewelry as well.

Butterfly shapes can be found at Dimitra Papadimitriou, Moraglione or Busatti Milano. Flower power is a trend we’ve noticed at Bernd Wolf, Waskoll, Schmittgall, Autore, Giovanni Ferraris, Konplott, and DiamondGroup.
STUDEX offers studs in butterfly or flower shapes, both for ear piercing and as regular jewelry. Flower-shaped jewelry is a perfect accessory for floral prints, which will be growing in popularity even more this year.

Earring Trends 2015: Inspired by Nature

Earring Trends 2015 – #2: Color Variations All Around Marsala

The color experts from Pantone announced PANTONE® 18-1438 Marsala as the Color of the Year for 2015. This rich, earthy red-brown will influence areas such as fashion and beauty and have an effect on the color palettes of jewelry and accessories. Marsala can be perfectly combined with neutral colors such as gray, warm gold and yellow tones, a variety of greens or light shades of pink. Some very nice examples of earrings or other pieces of jewelry which embody this color trend caught our eye at Hans D. Krieger, Heskia/Almor Design, IsabelleFa, Ernstes Design, Orfebres Navarro, and Scheffel.

Earring Trends 2015 – #3: The Later the Night, the Greater the Sparkle

Even though statement earrings are still popular on runways, the trend goes clearly toward earrings which can be worn for any occasion. Studs are more popular than long, dangling earrings or large and heavy earrings. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t put a little sparkle on your ears during the day. Diamonds are precious eye-catchers; Cubic Zirconia or crystals are especially popular. Special occasions often call for bigger earrings.

Earring Trends 2015: The Later the Night, the Greater the Sparkle
Earring Trends 2015: Earring Combinations, Multiple Earrings per Ear

Earring Trends 2015 – #4: Earring Combinations

Multiple earrings per ear have become a standard. So this is not a new trend, as you probably remember from our Earring Trends 2014 post in this Trend Blog. However, this trend will gain momentum this year. Two or three earrings per earlobe combined with one or more earrings in the upper ear will be most popular. Studs are also combined with ear cuffs, which are usually worn on the edge of the middle or upper ear.

Earring Trends 2015 – #5: Earrings and Ear Piercings as a Gift

Earrings make a great gift because you can’t really go wrong with the size—a big advantage compared to other pieces of jewelry such as rings, for example. In addition, ear piercing is becoming more and more popular as a gift, also or especially for kids. “The first day of school or going back to school, birthdays, the holiday season, and other cultural or religious festivities are typical occasions where ear piercing is the gift of choice for parents, grandparents or godparents,” according to Juergen Weiss, Managing Director of STUDEX Europe. How to give ear piercing as a gift? With a gift certificate or by making this a special event and taking your child to have her or his ears pierced at a trusted store.

Earring Trends 2015 – #6: Spontaneity

When buying earrings or even when deciding to have the ears pierced, the new motto is, “The more the merrier.” As Juergen Weiss states, “Nowadays consumers decide more quickly and spontaneously to have their ears pierced. Once they know where to get top quality, they may very well get four ear piercings instead of just two—with two extra ones for the parent or friend who’s with them,” and he adds, “For example, moms who have their children’s ears pierced take advantage of the occasion and go for another ear piercing for themselves, too.”

For 2015 we’re looking forward to a great variety in ear jewelry—inspired by nature, with beautiful color variations and exciting combinations.

Image credits
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