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Earrings: Your Perfect Wedding Accessory

If you’re currently planning your wedding, you have probably put a lot of thought into the upcoming celebration. The wedding dress and the wedding bands are often at the very top of the list of the more pleasant tasks which lie ahead. Matching shoes, your hairdresser’s appointment and the wedding bouquet are definitely part of your to-do list. But what about other jewelry?

Many wedding dresses and updos simply cry out for complementary accessories such as classy earrings and a beautiful necklace, thus transforming your wedding outfit into a perfect work of art. In choosing your earrings, we offer the following tips:


Classic pearl or diamond studs are always a great choice. The best effect is achieved with stylistic simplicity and precious materials. Avoid long, dangling earrings, as they detract from your glowing appearance. Besides, with so many embraces, you will avoid getting caught in the various articles of clothing of friends and family members or your veil. How pretty it will look when the shape of the earrings complements your bridal gown or hair accessories. Pearl studs are ideal where pearls are already present in your overall theme. Sparkling floral design studs look fantastic with dresses which already incorporate floral elements.


Of course, pearl or other white earrings perfectly complement a white dress. But bridal gowns in other colors can also be wonderfully enhanced by the right earrings in matching colors. In any event, real gold studs are a universal solution, no matter what color you choose for your dress. If you value old wedding traditions (such as “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.“), then studs offer a good opportunity to discreetly accommodate a touch of blue.


True wedding favorites are earrings made from real gold or titanium, which may be studded with diamonds or pearls. Your jeweler will be able to give you some great advice. If you bring a picture of your bridal gown or the necklace you intend to wear, you will certainly find the perfectly matching earrings.

Haven’t had your ears pierced yet?

No problem. Even if you were to get married tomorrow, you could walk out of your jeweler’s store today with ears perfectly pierced with STUDEX® instruments and beautifully adorned with our gorgeous studs. Our piercing studs come in stunning designs that are even suited for weddings. However, we would recommend to have your ears pierced at least 6 weeks before your wedding date. After those 6 weeks, you can switch to other studs or earrings. Besides, your ears will no longer be sensitive when accidentally touched with a comb or brush while styling your hair and trying out different hairdos.

We wish you a fabulous, unforgettable wedding day! By the way, earrings are also a cute gift for brides or bridesmaids!

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