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Sensitive by STUDEX®: Buy Hypoallergenic Earrings Online

Retail stores need our support. Help us help retail businesses! Buy online conscientiously – from your local stores!

These STUDEX partners offer hypoallergenic earrings from the Sensitive by STUDEX® or Sensitive for Kids (Tiny Tips) collections via their webshops:

Benelux: Click here for STUDEX partner webshops in Belgium or the Netherlands

Germany: Click here for STUDEX partner webshops in Germany

Hungary: Click here for STUDEX partner webshops in Hungary

Scandinavia: Click here for STUDEX partner webshops in Scandinavia

Turkey: Click here for STUDEX partner webshops in Turkey

Also check the STUDEX Partner Search for your country, or contact your local STUDEX office for more STUDEX partners in your vicinity. It’s definitely worth a call, since many local businesses also accept orders via email, WhatsApp or similar and will be happy to ship our earrings to your home.

Sensitive by STUDEX®

Sensitive by STUDEX® and Sensitive for Kids (Tiny Tips) are hypoallergenic follow-up earrings. These earrings are worn after the piercing studs — until the ear is fully healed (6-12 months), and are generally the perfect choice for great, everyday comfort.

The various designs look gorgeous in combinations of multiple earrings per ear. These earrings are hypoallergenic and skin friendly and thus ideally suited even for sensitive ears. They are made from the finest surgical stainless steel, some gold plated, and adorned with Cubic Zirconia, crystals or synthetic pearls.

Sensitive for Kids (Tiny Tips) children’s earrings also come in sterile packaging.

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