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Jennifer Aniston: “I Pierced My Own Ears At 13”

In February, Jennifer Aniston revealed that she pierced her own ears at the age of about 13. She mentioned that she used a potato and a piece of celery. She doesn’t recall how exactly she pierced her ears, but the “ingredients” sound more like veggie soup than safe ear piercing.

The 43-year-old actress, who became famous with the show “Friends” and who’s currently dating actor colleague Justin Theroux, 40, said, “You put an ice cube on it. I can’t remember how it actually went, but there was a string involved and a needle and thread, and then you hit it with the potato.” Unfortunately she didn’t elaborate on what role the celery played in this process.

Looking back, I’m sure Jennifer Aniston also thinks of this as a funny story. One can only wonder why she decided to pierce her own ears. Maybe her parents were opposed to earrings or she didn’t dare to ask. Of course she wasn’t the only one to pierce her own ears. Even today there are some people who pierce their own ears or ask their friends for help, many times in the false belief that professional ear piercing is expensive.

Today the charming actress is often asked about her beauty secrets and her natural, stunning radiance. Her gorgeous hair and her youthful and flawless skin—at age 43—make her a true beauty icon. Obviously she does a lot for her awesome appearance. Healthy nutrition and yoga are just as important to her as proper skin care. She uses laser therapy and chemical peels to remove spots on her skin. She entrusts her hair to Californian celebrity stylist Chris McMillan. For daily cleansing of her skin, Jennifer Aniston remains down to earth and uses a facial cleansing bar for $2.49.

After her DIY ear piercing experience, she has had several other ear piercings, which presumably were done professionally. If I counted correctly, Jennifer Aniston has three ear piercings in each earlobe. Sometimes she wears six earrings or studs, sometimes just one on each side. Many times her earrings aren’t visible, since she usually wears her long blond hair open. No matter how she looks—to me Jennifer Aniston is a real happy-go-lucky girl.

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