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Oktoberfest Jewelry: What to Wear for the Perfect “Wiesn” Look?

Nowadays there are Oktoberfest events in many places around the world. No matter where you celebrate, be it at the original Oktoberfest in Munich or in any other city, you may be asking yourself these questions: What to wear? What to keep in mind when choosing my outfit? And what kind of Oktoberfest jewelry would complement my look?

One thing is for sure: A dirndl is pretty much a must for the ladies. A dirndl is a traditional type of dress that consists of a bodice, skirt and apron. Depending on the cut, it is worn with a dirndl blouse. Dirndls come in many different designs; colors, materials, cuts, skirt lengths, and prices vary. Gorgeous collections can be found at Ludwig & Therese, Lola Paltinger or Trachten Angermaier, for example.

The perfect dirndl look calls for a matching hairstyle and accessories such as beautiful Oktoberfest jewelry.

Oktoberfest Jewelry Tip #1: Traditional Bavarian Necklaces

A traditional Bavarian necklace is probably the most popular eye catcher. The dominating design elements are flowers, such as edelweiss, as well as hearts, pearls and stags. Lola Paltinger is a designer with a wonderfully exclusive collection, while some more classic pieces can be found at Krüger, for example.

Oktoberfest Jewelry
Oktoberfest Jewelry

Oktoberfest Jewelry Tip #2: Stud Earrings

The perfect look also requires matching earrings. Studs are much more popular than drop or dangle earrings, since the latter tend to compete with the necklace. For earrings, too, flower, heart or pearl designs are some of the favorite choices. The colors are selected to complement the dirndl, but you can’t you wrong with the traditional Bavarian colors white and blue either. Multiple earrings per ear are nowadays quite common at the Oktoberfest, too, which allows for classy combinations of different colors. For those who don’t have their ears pierced yet or who are only sporting one earring per ear so far, it’s not too late to add more bling to their Oktoberfest jewelry, even as a last-minute upgrade to their look: STUDEX offers a stunning collection of ear piercing studs. Click here to find a STUDEX partner in your vicinity.

Oktoberfest Jewelry Tip #3: Hair Accessories

Your Oktoberfest outfit looks best with braided her; and there are countless ways to braid your hair, depending on how long it is and which style you prefer. Updos with flower accessories are perfect for Oktoberfest. But less is more, as they say. Therefore I recommend more delicate designs or real flowers. Braiding instructions can be found on our “Oktoberfest” board on Pinterest, for example.

Oktoberfest Jewelry

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