Studex® Select Earring Collection

Studex® Select is a collection of earring bestsellers that can be used for ear piercing or as regular (non-piercing) earrings.
These studs are available as pairs in sterile packaging. The carded retail packaging is ideal for offering individual pairs of earrings in your store.
If you wish to use Studex Select for ear piercing, the matching instrument is Studex® PLUS.
The earrings of the Studex Select collection are ideal for retail stores that wish to offer both ear piercing with a traditional method and hypoallergenic, skin friendly studs at a relatively low price.
Many of our customers appreciate the sensitive qualities of our studs and earrings—not just for ear piercing but in the long run as well. Your customers can wear our piercing studs as long as they wish. Many times customers also switch from other types of earrings to hypoallergenic earrings from Studex.


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