Studex® System75™
Ear Piercing System


Studex® System75™ combines the highest hygiene and sterility standards with optimum ease of use. With this system, any ear piercing specialist can pierce ears gently and professionally with gorgeous, individually sealed, hypoallergenic studs. It's barely noticeable.

Our instruments and earrings meet or exceed EU standards and FDA regulations (U.S. Food & Drug Administration).

 cartridge w stud only


Absolutely Hygienic and Sterile

Our innovative packing technology and our touch-free method for loading the instrument with sterile, individually sealed piercing earrings ensure an absolutely hygienic ear piercing process. The ear piercing specialist inserts sterile cartridges into the system and touches neither the piercing stud nor the clasp during the piercing process. The instrument does not get into contact with the ear either.

 s75 cartridge 2pack


Sure Grip

 Studex System75 fits comfortably in your hand und thus guarantees a professional piercing process.

 sure grip



Patented Design

With this precision instrument, the tissue is pierced gently. It's barely noticebale, virtually silent, and quick.

 patented design


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