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STUDEX® PLUS is a proven, classic pressure spring ear piercing system. It complies with the hygiene standards of various countries.

STUDEX PLUS comes with a disposable earring clasp adapter and a disposable stud adapter. The earring clasp adapter also serves as hygienic protection for the ear, preventing it from ever touching the instrument.

Ear Piercing Systems – STUDEX PLUS

Proven Pressure Spring System

with disposable hygienic shield

Ear Piercing Systems – STUDEX PLUS
  • STUDEX® PLUS instrument:
    This proven instrument combines ease of use and superior quality for trouble-free ear piercing.
  • Disposable hygienic shield:

    The white earring clasp adapter prevents your customer’s ear from ever touching the instrument.

  • Color-coded stud adapters and piercing studs:

    The color of the stud adapter indicates the stud size it fits. No more guessing and hoping you have the proper adapter installed. The adapter clip makes installing and removing the stud adapters a snap.

  • Sterile piercing earrings:
    Each pair of piercing studs is sealed and sterilized in individual packages and meets or exceeds REACH and FDA regulations.
STUDEX PLUS ear piercing systems – adapter and hygienic shield
STUDEX PLUS piercing earrings – sterile packaging
STUDEX PLUS ear piercing system – adapters

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Ear piercing is a matter of trust. Therefore, consumers are not indifferent as to which ear piercing system and piercing earrings you use. Many customers therefore ask specifically for STUDEX®. The following characteristic features will help you ensure that you are using genuine STUDEX brand products.

STUDEX PLUS instrument with logo

The instrument

The original STUDEX® PLUS instrument has an embossed STUDEX logo font. Together with the original STUDEX piercing earrings and adapters, this system ensures a safe piercing process.

STUDEX PLUS blister with logo

The seal of the packaging

The seal of the original STUDEX® PLUS blister pack shows the STUDEX logo combined with the STUDEX PLUS logo and a date by when the sterility of the earring and clasp is guaranteed. This is usually a period of 10 years. Sterility is of the utmost importance to avoid infections and ensure proper healing.

Ear Piercing Systems – STUDEX PLUS

Piercing Earrings

Gold plated or made from surgical stainless steel

STUDEX offers a large selection of gorgeous piercing earrings in various designs for its ear piercing system STUDEX® PLUS. They are gold plated and/or made from the finest surgical stainless steel. Each pair is sterilized and comes in a sealed package including the earrings backs and matching adapters.

  • Gorgeous styles: designed in Los Angeles, made in California
  • Hypoallergenic and skin-friendly
  • Top-quality, safe materials: gold plated or finest surgical stainless steel
  • Each earring pair with earring backs in sterile, sealed packaging
  • Earring backs (butterflies) allow greater air circulation, promoting the healing process
  • Premium brand: STUDEX is the de facto industry standard for ear piercing.
  • 30-year guarantee — even for worn items
  • Meet or exceed REACH and FDA regulations

Contact us to view all piercing earrings for STUDEX PLUS in our webshop for business customers.

STUDEX PLUS piercing earrings

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