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Ear Piercing Aftercare

Proper after piercing care is almost as important for the beauty and health of your customers’ ears as state-of-the-art precision instruments, top-quality piercing studs and experienced ear piercing specialists. New ear piercings should be cared for at least twice a day with the appropriate products, starting 24 hours after the ear was pierced. This will help your customer avoid infections or other complications.

Care Advice for Your Customers

Click here for our aftercare instructions and tips for new ear piercings.

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Aftercare Products

STUDEX® Advanced, STUDEX® After Piercing Lotion and STUDEX® Piercing Care Gel are products specifically designed for the care of your customers’ ears, starting 24 hours after they were pierced. With these products, your customers will be able to protect their newly pierced ears from infection. For regular care during the healing process, we recommend an amount of 100 ml.

These products should always be offered with every ear piercing. They also sell well as a bundle with our follow-up earrings.

NEW!!!:  STUDEX® ADVANCED is a 2-in-1 piercing aftercare product and cleanser for optimum skin care.

Offer your customers the latest in ear piercing aftercare. STUDEX® ADVANCED allows your customers to

  • change their earlobe piercing after 3 weeks (instead of 6) and/or
  • change their cartilage piercing after 8 weeks (instead of 12).

More advantages:

  • Dermatologist tested
  • Skin-neutral pH
  • Soothes and calms the skin
  • Minimizes redness and inflammation after piercing
  • New hypoallergenic, non-sensitizing, non-irritant formulation
  • Contains no benzalkonium chloride, petroleum, lanolin, oils, steroids or antibiotics
  • Manufactured in accordance with international safety reliability and quality standards
  • Ingredients: aqua, sodium hypochlorite, phosphoric acid
STUDEX ADVANCED 2-in-1 aftercare and cleanser

What’s the secret?

STUDEX ADVANCED uses a unique hypochlorous technology that ensures that the solution cleans the skin without stinging. The revolutionary formulation contains sodium hypochlorite, the sodium salt of hypochlorous acid, an agent that effectively removes microorganisms such as bacteria and fungus.

The ultimate in piercing aftercare!

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