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This is what our clients have to say about their ear piercing experiences with STUDEX® System75™ with their local STUDEX partner:

“I had my ears pierced on Friday. It was simply great. One squeeze [of the instrument], a little pinch, and that was it. I was given detailed information. All I can say is: I’m nothing but happy.”

Martina G.

“My 8-year-old daughter had her ears pierced for the first time at Giyasitin Kaya in Troisdorf today. We are very happy. They took their time for explaining the process and informing us in detail and treated my daughter empathically. The piercing process itself was very quick; both ears were pierced simultaneously, practically pain free. Highly recommended!”

Sarah R.

“Hello, dear STUDEX team,
Although my daughter just turned 3, she has been asking for earrings for quite a while. So we recently had her ears pierced.
[…] we found pediatrician Dr. Schwarz-Gutknecht in Mannheim. The initial contact with her office via email and telephone was very positive. Her employee, who pierces ears, explained the procedure in a very friendly way and in detail. A very personable doctor’s office.
At the office, the employee explained everything again to my daughter in a very pleasant way. The way she handled the procedure was accurate, precise, and quick, without being hasty. My daughter was asked to pick her studs. Ladybugs. The two studs were placed one after the other. Even the second stud was no problem at all, despite my worries. Afterward, she was allowed to pick a toy from a box, as promised. Finally, the employee explained the aftercare routine so well to my daughter that she now follows the instructions strictly and does not touch her ears.
She is very happy with her studs. They are not in her way when playing, and they suit her very well.
Thank you very much!
Best regards,”

Wolfgang M.

“Wrote an email on Sunday that we’re looking for a STUDEX partner. Received a reply promptly today (Monday). Went to jeweler Klisch in Lauf Pegnitz this afternoon and had my daughter’s ears pierced. It was very quick, and the two ladies pierced the ears simultaneously. […] Now she is proud of her beautiful earrings. Thank you very much for the great service!!”

Michaela St.

“We went to Ring Center (Berlin) […] today with our two daughters (10 & 14). Ms. Gußmann was in the store by herself today, but nevertheless took as much time as necessary. She explained everything in detail and thus took away our younger daughter’s fear. She also took the time to go through the aftercare instructions for at home in detail.
Kind greetings from Berlin”

Doreen H.

“Our daughter is really happy with her earrings. While on vacation in Ahlbeck, we stumbled upon a store today that uses STUDEX System75. We can highly recommend it; almost pain free for children. Our daughter compared it to a bug bite.”

Christin F.

“My daughter had been asking for earrings for quite a while. I explained to her that this means putting holes in the ears, that this is done with a gun, that it hurts and makes a loud noise. However, yesterday she was ready to get her ears pierced for the first time. Both sides were pierced simultaneously. When the earrings were in, she asked, “Did I get holes yet? Where is the noise?”
After getting my second earring in the left ear, the noise of the old guns had prevented me from having more ear piercings for many years, even though I wanted more ear piercings. But now I spontaneously asked the lady to add a third ear piercing to my left ear. The piercing process was almost agreeable, just a little pinch and no loud noise. […] It all went smoothly. Nothing like back in the days. Anytime again.”

Kerstin L.

“Dear STUDEX team,
Thank you very much for the prompt response. Sent an inquiry for a STUDEX partner in our vicinity via email yesterday and promptly received a reply today. Now my 9-year-old daughter is the happy owner of beautiful earrings. It was totally easy and did not hurt, according to my daughter. She is all happy, and I am too.
Thank you very much.”

Kerstin K.

“We are absolutely happy! […] There were no tears! My daughter (5 1/2) didn’t even flinch. It went totally smoothly. My daughter is very happy and super proud now!”

Kathrin Sch.

“My inquiry was responded to promptly. I took my granddaughter (12) to Essanelle hairdressers at Karstadt in Dresden yesterday. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s well worth it. We were tended to very kindly, and the lady took her time. My granddaughter didn’t experience any pain. We are very happy; I can highly recommend this. Thank you very much!”

Eleonore N.

“Thank you very much for your help finding a STUDEX partner. My daughter and I went to “Uhren Schmuck Ebeling” in Dietzenbach, and Ms. Reutel did a truly amazing job. Very friendly, calm, and great with children.”

Corinna M.

“I took my 7-year-old daughter to “Schmuck und Uhren Atelier Mendel” in 55278 Selzen, and we were very happy. Ms. Mendel was very child friendly and knew how to handle my two children. (My 3-year-old son was with us too.) The ear piercing process went smoothly, and my daughter left the store about 10 minutes later, extremely proud, with a bag of candy and sparkling earlobes. I can highly recommend this.”

Romy F.

“My daughter had her ears pierced on her 7th birthday in Celle at jeweler Rahls. The service was excellent. I am glad that I chose STUDEX. In addition, the selection of piercing studs was more than sufficient, and my daughter fell in love with the pink butterflies right away. There were no complications during the healing period.”

Kim V.

“We were in in Mosbach at Grimm Uhren & Schmuckhaus. We were soooo well taken care of. My children (3 and 4) now have gorgeous earrings and are happy. If their little sister wants earrings just like her siblings in a few years, I know where to go. Very child friendly, and the piercing process is really fast and gentle.”

Désirée F.

After my daughter had her ears pierced with STUDEX almost two years ago and we were totally happy, I decided that I wanted more ear piercings, too. I’ve always fancied one or two studs in addition to my hinged hoop earrings. Now I took the initiative and contacted STUDEX. The reply came promptly. There were more stores listed now than two years ago. So I went to have my ears pierced today. Regarding my uncertainty as to whether I wanted one or two additional piercings per ear, the young staff member thought that I’d regret to not get two. The piercing process was without any problems. Now I’m happy with two little sparkling stones above my hoops. I love it. I can only recommend to not think about it for too long and just have your ears pierced if you want.

Sabrina H.

“We received the list, called, and an hour later the ears were pierced. Really great. The service was really great too. The greatest gift for a little princess.
Thank you very much.

Angela B.

“First, I received the contact information very promptly. The pediatrician was super nice, as was his staff. I can highly recommend STUDEX to anyone.”

Kamila S.

“Dear STUDEX team,
Thank you very much for recommending jeweler Christ in Saarlouis. Our daughter’s great wish for earrings came true. The jeweler’s team had a great way of catering to our little one’s needs, and the piercing process was no big deal at all to her. She was simply proud and looking forward to showing off her new daisy earrings to her friends at preschool. Thank you very much for this fantastic experience!”

Nancy Sch.-M.

“Yesterday I read about different ear piercing methods. Punching the earlobes was out of the question. On the STUDEX homepage I stumbled upon the System [75]. I received several addresses of STUDEX partners. We went to Schmucktruhe Reh in Neu-Ulm today.
My daughter hardly felt any pain. From a hygienic perspective, the process is very good. We were also given an aftercare lotion. About one hour after piercing, the earlobes are not red anymore. My daughter is happy with her new studs.”

Caro W.

“We had my 6-year-old daughter’s ears pierced a week ago. We made a conscious decision to use STUDEX, and we are very happy with that. The employee at Christ at the “Schloss” [shopping center] in Berlin was great, and I couldn’t have wished for anyone better. Very calm, very experienced, and she catered to my daughter’s needs very well. The earlobe was red for only a few hours, and since then my child hasn’t had any pain, and the ear didn’t get infected. I can highly recommend STUDEX to anyone and have already done so.”

Anne-Kristin B.

“I can highly recommend this. I had my ears pierced three weeks ago. The process is absolutely sterile, and I’ve had no problems with inflammation.”

Tine O. via Facebook

That’s how easy this is. Googled, promptly received a reply via email with addresses in my vicinity, and my daughter had her ears pierced the same afternoon.
She is mega proud, and it didn’t hurt at all. I can highly recommend the watch and jewelry store Grimm OHG in Groß-Umstadt. Great service and very child-friendly. Also the fact that both ears were pierced at the same time was great. Thank you very much to everyone!!!”

Dajana A.

“I had my ears pierced […] in Landau […] today. Two young staff members provided excellent service. The were very friendly and gave comprehensive advice, and the piercing process was tolerable. I can highly recommend this.

Jutta W.

“I have recently heard of STUDEX and sent an inquiry here online as to where I can have my ears pierced in my vicinity. Shortly after I received a list with a number of beauty salons and jewelers. Then I went to […] and got two new ear piercings. Now I must say that I’m very happy. Neither did this hurt, nor did any inflammation occur. I had my ears pierced twice before, but with a gun, and both times I had inflamed holes and had to take out the earrings.
Thank you for the list with address options and for this STUDEX system.”

Igu T.

“I’m totally happy. Fast and pain-free ear piercing. 100% recommendable.”

Torsten A.

“I had mine pierced only yesterday. I had really been very afraid of ear piercing, but then I hardly felt any pain at all. After about two hours, I din’t even feel that there was an earring in my ear now. I can highly recommend STUDEX. A big thank you again to STUDEX and jeweler Harms in Bad Zwischenahn. Thank you very, very much!!! Now I’ll be able to wear earrings at my Confirmation in April!!!”

Sandra C.

“Thank you very much for your information. I went to jeweler Capar in Baunatal yesterday to have my ears pierced and found that I had been afraid for no reason. It is in fact barely noticeable. Your system [is] great. I was very happy, especially with the hygiene and the price.

Andrea W.

“I had my ears pierced today, and I’m really happy, since this is a great wish fulfilled. I went to CHRIST in Gummersbach, and the service was excellent and very friendly.
Best regards,”

Ina H.

Piercing was no problem at all. The jeweler’s colleague was super friendly, very competent, and answered all my questions in detail. The stud looks super stylish, too. I can only say thank you.”

Claudia B.

“After receiving your email, I immediately called all addresses to find out who would pierce my two-year-old daughter’s ears. A super nice jeweler in Kerpen took care of us. They pierced the ears simultaneously, and my little “mouse” didn’t react at all. She is very proud of her new earrings. We left the jewelry store happily—with gummy bears, a certificate, and a lucky stone. I can highly recommend this system.”

Jasmin L.

Following my inquiry, we promptly received a partner list from STUDEX and were able to go to a recommended store on the same day. We decided for jeweler Triffterer in Bottrop. We were welcomed by friendly and knowledgable staff. My daughter had her ears pierced with the STUDEX method quickly, in a very caring manner, and with great professional knowledge. Without any pain, stress or fear my daughter is now the quite proud owner of her very own earrings. I can highly recommend the STUDEX method. Thank you very much.”

Bettina S.

“I’m completely happy.”

Margrit K.

“Dear Ms. Selzle,
Thank you very much for the addresses. We went to jeweler Müller in Brechen today. After my seven-year-old daughter had selected beautiful studs in the shape of daisies, her ears were pierced. She didn’t even flinch and at first couldn’t believe that the stud was actually in her ear. The STUDEX system is great; especially the sterile packaging was something that convinced me; and Ms. Müller was very kind.
Best regards,”

Tanja S.

“We were at Christ at OEZ. The service was very good, very friendly staff. There were no tears. We were very happy.”

Hilde R.

My daughter (12) had her ears pierced a week ago. We are thrilled about this system. It hardly hurt at all, no inflammation, highly recommendable. We were in Constance at Rosgartenstrasse 4. The lady was very caring and nice. My daughter fully trusted her.
Greetings from Lake Constance,”

Sabine R.

“Ear piercing with the STUDEX partner was completely hassle free. The staff was very friendly and professional. The piercing process was completely pain free and very quick. There is no comparison between this system and the ear piercing guns from the past, which are noisy and painful. I can recommend the STUDEX system 100 %, and I’m very happy with my new studs.”

Mirjana L.

“My 5-year-old daughter wanted earrings badly. We were in Gilching and the STUDEX system was completely convincing. No pain, no tears, and well healed after only a short period of time. And on top of that, the ear piercer was very caring and professional… Thank you!”

Antje J.

“The ear piercing process went very well, no pain, no inflammation. I’m very happy.”

Ilona S.

“Dear STUDEX team,
I was so interested in your system that I had my ears pierced today for the first time, in one of your studios. I am really happy; it was quick and pain free. It didn’t even hurt afterward, and the studs are really nice. Thank you very much for your system. The price is unbeatable too! I’d do it again anytime; I’m even thinking about getting more ear piercings with this technology.
I am very happy!
Greetings from Berlin!”

Nikk T.

“We are very happy; my daughter says, “Oh, all done?” It was pain free and quick. Thank you.”

Eliane T.

“I’m happy with STUDEX. It went really well for my granddaughter. And that’s saying something with those scaredy-cats. I can highly recommend it.

Franz M.

“I must say I’m very surprised: My daughter (2.5) had selected your pink daisies at the jeweler’s (Thurner). I was really nervous about what to expect. Marking the future studs was no problem. The ears were pierced one after the other with STUDEX System75. When the first earring was in the ear, my daughter seriously asked, “Why no earring? No boo-boo.” When the second one was in, she said disappointedly, “Got no earrings.” We tried to explain and show her the earrings in the mirror. From what she had heard from Grandma, Grandpa and friends, she had expected that getting her ears pierced would hurt badly, but it didn’t hurt at all. I am so proud of her. She actually managed to have her ears pierced without feeling any pain at all. We had to have one ear pierced again unfortunately, since she lost one earring after only one week. But then she didn’t cry either, nor did she feel pain this time. She knew that when the “gun” would be gone, the earring would be in. Every day now she says, “I’m a daisy earring princess.” Thank you for your list of STUDEX partners. […] it was very important to me that the ears were pierced with STUDEX System75. Thank you.”

Sabrina R.

“Bielefeld, jeweler Böckelmann 1830: great, very friendly service, and it didn’t hurt at all.”

Katja N.

“I’m very happy with STUDEX. To celebrate her start at a secondary school, my daughter and I had our ears pierced, and it was much less unpleasant than how I remembered my previous ear piercing experiences. The healing process was also considerably more agreeable and almost pain free.
We had our ears pierced at Janotta jewelry in Beilstein.”

Sandra B.

We took our daughter (4) to a STUDEX partner here in Hamburg, to Disli jewelers, Möllner Landstraße 3. Great service; two very nice store clerks (1 managing director) did a fantastic job and catered to my daughter’s needs very well. It neither hurt, nor did she feel any pain the next day. The earrings are positioned perfectly thanks to the STUDEX System75 ear piercing system. I can highly recommend it; above all it’s very silent and very hygienic.”

Jasmin O.

“Two days ago, I went to Christ at Eastgate/Berlin with my 9-year-old daughter to have her ears pierced. Very friendly, competent employee. Explained well, took her time. We are very happy and can only recommend STUDEX (prompt communication) and Christ!
Thank you and kind regards,”

Tanja E.

“It was really great. There were NO tears. […] After 3-4 days the ear was healed. I’ll do the same for the little sister.”

Sally B.

“I took my 7-year-old daughter to STEEL in Erlangen, and I’m very happy. They explained everything to me and my daughter, and when she became a little apprehensive, she was encouraged to sit on my lap, and then both ears were pierced simultaneously. […] After less than one hour, the earlobe was neither red nor swollen anymore.
To sum it up: very quick, very good, and great looking. Now I’ve got a happy little princess! Thank you.”

Katrin S.

“After thinking about it for quite some time, I finally decided to have my ears pierced and had this done at your partner store in Frankfurt 60439 […] with the STUDEX [System] 75. Nice and competent staff, even late at night. The healing process was great too. All in all, it was SUPERB. […]

Rainer S.

“Hello Ms. Zenk,
Thank you very much for your prompt reply with addresses of STUDEX partners in our vicinity. We went to Christ in Hanau today; the service was exemplary, the ladies were very, very nice, and my daughter (6) is extremely proud of hear new earrings. […]”

Ines S.

“My 6-year-old niece had her ears pierced about 3 weeks ago, and we are fully satisfied. My inquiry for a STUDEX partner near us was answered promptly and completely. I decided for Christ jewelers, where we received great service and advice. My niece did not experience much pain during the piercing process, nor did she have any inflammation afterward. I can highly recommend STUDEX!”

Nicole G.

“Hello, dear STUDEX team,
I’m Hannah’s mom from the RTL TV show. I just wanted to tell you how interesting and exciting the shoot was for all of us. The earlobes have healed well, and the children are very proud and happy. I spontaneously decided to buy a pair of medical studs for myself as well. Since childhood days, my ears haven’t tolerated earrings, but what can I say—these earrings are perfect. I can wear them without any problems.
Today we will go to Ms. Folter again to buy some more.
Best regards,”


“We went to the Sabine Müller’s Silver Star jewelry store in Bad Krötzing, and we’re totally thrilled. Due to Ms. Müller’s professional advice and caring manner, our daughter felt very much at ease, and now she is very proud of her first earrings. There was a nice selection of gorgeous designs to choose from!”

Michael H. via Facebook

“Yesterday I had my ears pierced for the first time. After hearing some horror stories about painful ear piercing experiences from friends and relatives, I must admit that I was a bit apprehensive. But I was positively surprised! The piercing process was not exactly pleasant, but it didn’t hurt at all! After 20 minutes, even the slightest pain was gone, and I only noticed that I was (finally) wearing earrings when looking in the mirror. About 30 hours later, my ears are still doing great, and I’m completely happy!
A very special thank you to you, Ms. Zenk, for the long list of partners with the STUDEX system in my area and for your detailed information!
Best regards,”

Lena M.

I went to goldsmith Ingrid Schäfer in Bruchköbel today with my daughter. You had sent me her address. We received competent advice, and my daughter (4) was catered to lovingly. Both ears were pierced simultaneously. There were no tears but a big smile instead.
I am absolutely happy.
Thank you very much again for sending us the contact information.”

Susana J.

“Everything was great. It hardly hurt, nor do I have any problems now, a few hours after piercing. Awesome!!!
Very hygienic, everything straight from the packaging, the lady wore gloves, and we were out of sight from other customers. She also took her time, and my daughter was allowed to say when she was ready for ear #2 to be pierced.
This is as good as it gets.”

Janine B.

“Dear Madam or Sir,
I chose STUDEX for my daughter Marie (almost 5 years old). She has neurodermatitis and still wanted earrings. I must say I’m thrilled. We haven’t had any problems so far. Her favorites are the sparkling butterflies and the ladybugs. […]

Melanie L.

We took our daughter to have her ears pierced after Easter. Since she is still very young, I had to call four addresses to ask if we could stop by. Eventually we made an appointment with an ENT doctor in Mainz. Even though we arrived a little early, we were lead straight to the doctor’s office, where the doctor’s assistant engaged my daughter in a pleasant conversation. After selecting her earrings (really beautiful collection) the doctor entered, and a moment later the daisies were in the ears. All very quickly. There was even a little treat as a reward, and the playground just around the corner served as the perfect distraction afterward. All in all perfect! […]”


“Two days ago we went to Kraemer in Braunschweig to have the ears pierced. My daughter and her friend (both 7) were very excited. They were very satisfied and felt no pain, and now they are happy with their new earrings.”

Melanie W.

“We went to have our daughter’s (18 months old) ears pierced. Dr. Giménez Montero has a fantastic team; they did everything they could to make this special event a relaxed experience for me and my daughter.
I was really concerned at first, wondering if my little whirlwind would sit still, but thanks to the doctor and her assistant it went unbelievably well—a little distraction, a tiny pinch […]. We made sure to select karat gold studs […].”

Nadine P.

“I sent an inquiry for stores that use STUDEX via this website and received addresses of several stores in my vicinity. We decided for Rockenhausen and were thrilled. Pain free ear piercing. My 6-year-old is very happy with her new earrings.”

Saskia O.

“I had my ears pierced at Christ at Citti-Park Kiel today. Friendly and competent staff. I’m very satisfied.”

Ursula W.-S.

“Hello, dear STUDEX team,
I took my 2-year-old daughter to jeweler Weber in Worms, who was recommended to me as a STUDEX partner both by you and a friend. We were very happy with the way our little daughter was treated, and she and we are very proud of the result. She cried for about 2 seconds, just because she was a bit startled, but calmed down instantly and was excited to see herself in the mirror with her new sparkling studs. I can only recommend this to anyone who’s still hesitating. It’s nothing like ear piercing with those noisy guns in the old days. Thank you very much to STUDEX and the ladies at jeweler Weber in Worms.”

Nadine W.

“Your [STUDEX] System75 is ideal; it’s hardly noticeable, and the studs that are inserted in the ear are quite nice too. Also the competent staff […] in Leonberg gave great advice.”

Klaus D.

My 5-year-old daughter had been asking for earrings for quite a while, and after some research, I stumbled upon STUDEX, and your system sounded great to me. After receiving your list of STUDEX partners, I picked a small jewelry store (jeweler Tuchbaum in Dreieich) and was very happy with my choice.
I went to the store by myself the day before the ear piercing to have them explain the ear piercing process to me. The affability of the staff, their expertise, and the friendly atmosphere instantly convinced me.
The following day, I had my daughter’s ears pierced. The patron took care of this personally, and the moment my daughter entered the store, she was at the center of attention and involved in all parts of the process. They perfectly catered to her needs, so that having her ears pierced was a totally relaxed experience. According to my daughter, it was only a tiny pinch and didn’t hurt later either.
The process was virtually silent and absolutely sterile. There was also a great variety of piercing studs to choose from.
We are thrilled and can fully recommend the STUDEX System [75], even though in the end, the performing specialist is the decisive factor. Therefore here’s a big thumbs up for Tuchbaum jewelers in Dreieich-Sprendlingen!!”

Marion R.

“My 5-year-old daughter keeps saying that she wants her ears pierced like mommy…
I am convinced of [the quality of] the STUDEX studs, since I used to have inflammations of my second ear piercings all the time and eventually stopped wearing earrings there—until I discovered STUDEX. I’ve been wearing STUDEX earrings for months now without any pain or inflammation.
I’m thrilled!”

Nina T.

“We went to CHRIST in Wolfsburg for having the ears pierced. My daughter is 6 years old. It was great, no tears!!!
Both ears were pierced simultaneously, and we would go there again any time. We’ve already recommended it. By the way, my daughter even received a certificate of bravery. Very sweet!!!”

Juliane C.

“Dear Madam or Sir,
I had my ears pierced at jeweler Pletzsch in Düsseldorf by Ms. Nicole Kleine. I’m 150 % happy. The holes are placed well, and I have no problems at all with oozing or anything else. I can highly recommend STUDEX.

Jutta A.

“After you had been so nice as to promptly send me the addresses of STUDEX jewelers in my vicinity, I went to Christ jewelers in Potsdam on Saturday. Friendly and competent service, perfect application of the STUDEX System [75]. Anytime again, really great.

Juliane H.

“My daughter got her STUDEX earrings yesterday, and we are thrilled! Kockmann in Dülmen provided great service! Mother and child were in best hands!!! It went just like shown in the video. Almost no pain and a great result! No tears. We have recommended the system and are happy that this method exists. Thank you!”

Simone N.

We had our 5-year-old daughter’s ears pierced today. It all went smoothly without pain or tears. This was absolutely the right decision.
Our younger daughter is already getting in line…

Christian W.

“Dear Madam or Sir,
Thank you very much for your prompt reply. My daughter is happy. She reminds me of the aftercare every day. She’s doing fine. Thank you!

Gudrun S.

“Hello Ms. Selzle,
I went to Gold Heinrich in Neu-Ulm to have my ear pierced. The lady there was very nice; she showed me the studs and made recommendations. Since I’ve had my ear pierced before, she assured me that it is no problem to repierce the ear in the same spots. I took my time to select silver-colored ball-shaped studs, one big and two small balls. Then the 3 dots were marked on the left ear, and the ear was pierced 3 times with the studs.
About STUDEX System75, I can only say that it is great and that it didn’t hurt to have the ear pierced 3 times in one session. Maybe my left ear will get a few ear piercings soon, too.”

Alex M.

“Dear Madam or Sir,
Today we took our daughter to jeweler Rothe in Siegburg. Now she’s the very proud owner of 2 gorgeous pink butterflies. First she was a little apprehensive, but the ladies were friendly and understanding. When she was distracted for a moment, it all went quickly.
In a nutshell: She would do it again for her beautiful butterflies.
I was thrilled, too, and I can only recommend it to parents whose children want earrings. No noise, and the ears are pierced with the piercing earrings, all in one go. In our case without many tears…
Thank you very much!

Andrea G.-P.

“I can only recommend STUDEX and the partner […] at Stern Center. Our daughter is only 4 years old and handled the ear piercing like a pro. After 5 minutes it was over, and there were no complications at all.”

Nicole Sch.

“Dear Ms. Leppik,
My daughter (6) had her ears pierced with your system at jeweler Christ in Gummersbach a week ago. As shown in your video, this is a quick and pain free process. The ears were a little red right after piercing, but this was gone by the same evening. So far there are no problems at all with the earrings either, and I’m confident that this won’t change.
I would recommend your STUDEX System75.
Thank you very much and best regards,”

Bianca S.

“Hello Ms. Leppik,
We took our three-year-old daughter to Mr. Henning Pätz in Freiberg today. Great service! We’re very happy.
Best regards,”

Jan L.

“I took my 4.5-year-old daughter to have her ears pierced at goldsmith Jaqueline in Esslingen today. It all went smoothly with the STUDEX System [75], and our daughter didn’t feel any pain. Really great. Thank you very much.”

Michael S.

“Thank you very much for your prompt reply. The address list you sent us provided us with a large number of options to choose from. We received very detailed advice and very competent and friendly service. And that on Dec. 31! We can highly recommend jeweler Breuning and the STUDEX System [75]. Our daughter is very happy.”

Sonja D.

“Dear Ms. Selzle,
Thank you very much for sending us the addresses. […] It all went optimally. It was so great—no pain and really nice studs—that I even had another pair of ear piercings myself, too. Now daughter and mother are happy and even prettier than before. I will recommend you, that’s for sure. […] Thank you very much for everything.
Kind regards,”

Chantal K.

“We were in St. Wendel at farma+ pharmacy, and it all went perfectly. My almost 5-year-old daughter didn’t shed a single tear, and the studs are in the correct position on both sides. Extremely friendly and competent staff. She was even given a certificate of bravery. Very sweet.
The studs are absolutely stylish for medical earrings—not as boring as mine were back in the days. My daughter is thrilled with her ladybugs… A slight redness of the earlobes was gone by the evening (we were there at 3 pm), and there was no swelling at all.
I can highly recommend this to anyone.”

Yvonne S.

“We had our daughter’s (5) ears pierced with the STUDEX method on Saturday. I was thrilled. She did a great job and left the store as a proud new owner of earrings and with a big smile.”

Natascha M.

“We followed one of your recommendations and went to a jeweler in Hagen with our 5-year-old daughter. It all went really well. The advice we received was excellent, and they even pierced both ears simultaneaously. My daughter is very happy. Thank you very much for your recommendation!”

Simone B.

“Dear Ms. Selzle,
My daughter finally had her ears pierced. You’ve helped me a lot by sending me addresses immediately following my call. We went to pediatrician Dr. Breuer, and I am extremely pleased with your system […]
Thank you very much for your information.
I wish you all the best.
Kind regards,”

Tharsala B.

“Thank you for the prompt reply! We went to Pfaffenhofen with my niece (5). It all went smoothly. Both sides were pierced simultaneously, and they made sure to not show the STUDEX instrument. We can only recommend it.
Best regards,”


“Hello STUDEX team,
Thank you very much for the great service in helping me find a STUDEX partner. At the store, my 7-year-old daughter was very satisfied and happy to be able to wear her earrings again; it was quick and almost pain free.
After a previous painful experience […] that resulted in an inflamed ear, this time it went without complications and with a smile.
Best regards,”

Steffi S.

“Our daughter had her ears pierced for her 6th birthday yesterday. We had promptly received a list with jewelry stores that work with STUDEX. It was explained to her in detail how the ears are pierced, and thanks to the STUDEX system, she didn’t even flinch a bit. It didn’t hurt her at all, and she is proud as punch.

Eva F.

We went to have the ears pierced today and were very satisfied. My daughter never even flinched. If everything heals well now, we will definitely recommend it.

Jasmin P.

“Dear STUDEX team,
I went to Christ in Braunschweig with our daughter (6) yesterday and she finally had her ears pierced, just as she’d wanted for a long time now. The system is so gentle that she didn’t even flinch, and she went straight to the mirror afterwords. She loves her earrings and even applies the aftercare lotion herself. The first thing she said this morning was that it wasn’t even uncomfortable for her ears when she was sleeping. We can highly recommend STUDEX!”

Michelle W.

“I’m a real chicken, but my experience has convinced me. I went to “Karin Fux” goldsmiths in Göppingen. Now I’ve got 2 beautiful earrings and I’m very happy with those. I’d recommend STUDEX to anyone!! Also for kids. Thank you!”

Theda R.

“Thank you very much. That went well today […].”

Juergen K.

“We took our daughter to a STUDEX partner near us. It all went with no problems at all. Our daughter is happy and we are too. I can only recommend this website.”

Marcel S.

“Hello! We went to […] Münster to have the ears pierced. My daughter is 13 years young and would love to recommend the STUDEX system! STUDEX is as good as pain free, very quick and offers a fantastic variety of stylish studs! We are extremely happy!”

Anna R.

“Thank you. Our 4-year-old son seemed really unperturbed, and above all the method is very silent.”

Thomas H.

“Hello, dear STUDEX team,
I went to Christ at “Pasing-Arcaden” to have my ear pierced. The lady there was very patient with me, since at first I couldn’t quite decide where exactly I wanted my ear pierced. I have no problems at all with the new ear piercing.
Best regards”

Gabriele K.

“We were very satisfied, and it was really not painful at all!”

Astrid C.

“Dear Ms. Leppik,
Thank you very much for your email. We went to jeweler Buchholz in Delmenhorst today with our younger daughter (3). It all went smoothly, no problems at all. They even pierced both ears simultaneously so that my little one had to hold her breath only once. We can only recommend it.
Kind regards”

Nadine I.

“We were satisfied. It didn’t hurt my daughter at all, nor did she cry. (4.5 years)”

Sabrina K.

“I just took my 3-year-old daughter to the STUDEX partner Goldsmith Wrede in Kerpen. I’m totally thrilled. She only flinched briefly and then it was all fine. The staff was very nice and competent. I’d go there again anytime. Thank you very much!”

Kristin N.

“Received the addresses promptly. Found suitable, very nice jeweler near us. Gorgeous studs, not too big of a selection. Twins were pinched one after the other (“It was just a little pinch,” L., 3 years old)—and that was it. Girl #2 would have done it all over again right away…
Much gentler method than with first child. Back then we had to come back, since the pain was too much for her, so that the second ear was pierced a week later.
I will recommend STUDEX.
After a week, everything is perfect. The girls apply the after piercing lotion and move the studs in the ears themselves.
Thank you very much.”

Yvonne P.

“We took our daughter to goldsmith Dams in Freiburg yesterday and had her ears pierced with STUDEX. The advice they gave us on the phone was very, very competent, and when we were in the store, they took their time with our little girl, no rush at all. Our little one never looked scared or cried. She was brave and is now very proud of her daisies. We immediately felt at home. I can only recommend this store, GREAT.”

Daniela E.

We went to have our daughter’s ears pierced today. It all went smoothly, very nice young lady, daughter was thrilled. With System75, even though the store wasn’t on the list you sent us… We went to Christ jewelers, Am Neutor in 46539 Dinslaken.

Pia R.

We went last week with our 3-year-old daughter. It all went very well. […] The ears were not swollen or red. Everything fine so far. Our little sunshine is thrilled!!

Linda J.

“Hello, dear STUDEX team,
I wanted to thank you for sending me the list with partners in Erlangen. That’s how I found “Steel Uhren & Schmuck”—finally someone to give me my 2nd/3rd ear piercing and helix.
As for the STUDEX System [75], I can only say that it is great and it didn’t hurt to get 5 new ear piercings in one session. Really great! I’ll certainly get some more …
Best regards,”

Friede A.

“Hello Ms. Selzle,
We went to Dr. Breuer’s office today. […]
We were overall very satisfied with the STUDEX System [75]. What really helped us was that we were able to view the procedure in the video in advance. Therefore my daughter was mentally prepared. The piercing process was uncomplicated, and the lady did an excellent job. However, I was missing a bit more information…. and we didn’t receive an aftercare product either?! But maybe that was due to the fact that the doctor’s office was very busy. Since I forgot to ask there, I’m sending this question to you: Should we wait before we go swimming? If so, how long? The selection of earrings available was a bit small too… but everything else was great, as mentioned before.
I can only recommend the system. Thank you. Sincerely,”

Ebru S.

“Dear STUDEX team,
My 3-year-old has been wanting earrings for a long time. After a quick call at your partner in Oberursel, we went there 4 weeks ago. She chose her earrings and although her ears were pierced one after the other, she didn’t even complain or cry. The lady there was very knowledgeable and friendly, and now my little one is so very proud!
The ears have healed nicely. Many THANKS!”

Ramona W.

“My little one is 9 years old and a real scaredy-cat… But there were only three girls left in her class without pierced ears. Therefore I looked for a pain-free ear piercing method and found the STUDEX System [75] on the Internet.
Today we went, and my little one would have her ears pierced again any time. She is proud as punch, and we’re both happy.
Thank you for this system!!!”

Martina S.

“Hello Ms. Selzle,
Thank you very much for your prompt reply. […]
We went to […] (where they couldn’t help us, since they always pierce both ears simultaneously there, but there was only one specialist in the store at the time), but she sent us to […], where we then had the ears pierced.
The ladies in both […] stores were very nice and perfectly catered to my daughter’s needs (who was a little scared).
And now she’s the proud owner of two sparkling blue daisy studs.
Thank you very much for your support.
Kind regards,”

Ursula S.

“I took our 9-year-old daughter to jeweler Lehr in Landau yesterday to have her ears pierced and I’m totally thrilled. They pierce one ear after the other there, and when the first ear was done, my daughter just asked, “That was it…?” The employee was very friendly and perfectly helped my daughter overcome her nervousness so that afterwords the question only was why she didn’t have her ears pierced earlier. Thank you very much for your prompt email with addresses and for the virtually pain-free System75.
Kind regards”

Mandy B.

“Thank you very much for your information.
We went to […] in Schleswig and are very satisfied with the friendly and competent service.
My 7-year-old daughter is very happy with her newly pierced ears, which do not show any signs of inflammation.

Miriam R.

“Hello Ms. Selzle,
This morning we had our daughter’s (4) ears pierced at one of your partners.
It went really very well. The short pain was gone quickly. […] Thank you very much for your help.
Best regards”

Eunice O.

“First of all thank you very much for sending me the list of STUDEX partners in my area so quickly.
I picked jewelry studio Wolff in Essen-Steele from your list and called them in advance to find out what’s their minimum age for ear piercing for kids (6 months).
That was perfect, so yesterday I went there with my 4-year-old daughter together with Grandma.
She was allowed to choose the studs and then everything was done exactly as described on your website. I liked that there were two ear piercing specialists and that both ears were pierced simultaneously there. My daughter was very calm and didn’t even flinch. Afterwords she looked at me and quietly said, “Mom, it did hurt a tiny little bit.” But as soon as she saw herself in the mirror, it was all good and she was very proud.
Overall a positive experience and the short pain was already forgotten when we had ice cream afterwords.
If my big daughter decides to have her ears pierced too, we’ll definitely go there again!”

Katrin H.

“Hello, My husband and I have been looking for alternative ear piercing methods for quite a while, and your system caught our attention here on this website. Our daughter had wanted earrings for over a year, but I had had concerns regarding pain, infections and her young age. Now she’ll turn 5 soon, and we’ve found a jeweler in Winsen (Aller), the von Bostel family, where we felt in good hands right from the beginning. The lady in the store took very good care of my daughter, explained everything in detail to her, and made sure she could take a little break in which she even treated her to some gummy bears. Now my daughter has been wearing those pink daisies for two weeks. She hasn’t felt any pain, just a short burning sensation, nor has she had an infection. Everything has been really great so far. I’ve also been wearing those daisies for a week now and I can confirm that this method is much more agreeable for new ear piercings [than older methods]. I still remember the traditional method with pressure spring systems and the problems involved. Therefore I can only recommend this [new method]. Too bad that the Sensitive studs aren’t available online though.”

Monik S.

“My daughter had her ears pierced at Christ jewelers at Centro Oberhausen today. A very caring employee took the time she needed, since my 7-year-old daughter was a little afraid at first. The initial short pain very quickly subsided as soon as she saw the two beautiful daisies in her ears. The ears didn’t even show any redness. Awesome!!! We’re following the care instructions now. Thank you very much.”

Beate B.

“Excellent advice and superb piercing experience with the STUDEX System75. I’m very happy. I went to goldsmith Michael Winter in Schwabmünchen. Everything great, anytime again. Got the address from STUDEX, as part of a list of stores in my vicinity working with STUDEX. Great recommendation.”

Manfred G.

“Good evening Ms. Tiefenauer,
We were in Huttwil today and had our daughter’s ears pierced. It all went so perfectly, I still can’t believe it. Amanda is only three, but she was so brave and she didn’t shed a single tear. She was so proud and admired her new earrings. My husband and I were more nervous than the little one; she didn’t even flinch, she just said, “Mommy, that doesn’t hurt.” Too bad we didn’t take a video, but my hands were shaking anyway.
Amanda didn’t even want to sleep because she feared she might lose her earrings. I think it’s also important that the child really wants to have her or his ears pierced.
Thank you again so much.
All the best”

The K. family

“My daughter (8) has had her new studs for three weeks now and no complaints whatsoever. The piecing process obviously didn’t hurt at all. The studs look gorgeous, and we’re very happy.”

Henriette B.

“I’m very happy with our ear piercing experience. We went to Christ at Saarpark Center Neunkirchen. Great, professional advice and really great ear piercing system. We’d do it again! 10 points!”

Sherie K.

“Dear Ms. Weiss,
Dr. Rahmel’s office ordered the earrings we were looking for from you. Thank you so much.
It all went smoothly and we are very happy. Thank you very much again.”

Natalina S. with Leona, 1/21 and 1/27/2015

“As a grown woman, I had the idea that a second pair of ear piercings would be nice. Thank God I found STUDEX on the Internet and sent an inquiry about STUDEX partners in the vicinity of my apartment. I promptly received a reply and went to Christ jewelers in Munich the same day. Great service, no pain, beautiful medical earrings, and it all went really quickly. The system is highly recommendable. It is hygienic and works perfectly. THANK YOU!”

Bettina H.

“Dear STUDEX team,
[…] thank you very much for your gorgeous earrings. I wear STUDEX studs almost exclusively, since I have very sensitive ears. The variety of studs is great—there are so many different stylish designs. I already have quite a collection and keep adding new studs.
[…] Best regards,”

Daniela K.

“Hello Ms. Selzle,
Thank you very much for the quick reply. I was at jeweler Frinken in Neuwied today and I was very satisfied. Their advice, the piercing studs, and the piercing process are highly recommendable.
Thank you very much.

Irena Sch.

“About four weeks ago my 4-year-old daughter had her ears pierced at her dermatologist with the STUDEX system. Since my daughter is extremely sensitive and since the ears were pierced one after the other, I was afraid that we’d have to eventually go home with just one ear pierced. I was surprised to watch her turn her head with the right ear facing the doctor and say, “Now the other one and a mirror, please.” She’s incredibly proud of her pretty daisy studs and tells anyone that it didn’t hurt at all! There were no problems at all, right from the first day; the ears weren’t even red right after being pierced. Something else I really liked is that the ears were pierced extremely precisely so that the holes are exactly where they should be. Now all we need to do is be patient and look forward for the regular earrings (which will be some from your Sensitive collection, of course!!!). I wish I could have had my ears pierced with your system a few decades ago, when I was a child!”

Ti Ne via Facebook

“Good morning Ms. Selzle,
I talked with one of your colleagues on the phone yesterday. She recommended jeweler […]* among others. Unfortunately, there they declined to pierce my daughter’s ears stating that the risk of inflammation was higher in the winter. Have you ever heard that before? I was a little surprised and decided to try somewhere else.
We then visited another jeweler—Aurelius at Ludgerikirchplatz/Verspoel, here in Münster. They also use the STUDEX method, and they were willing to serve my daughter. They recommended not to wear “fuzzy” hats for a while to avoid inflammation. My daughter is only 11 years old and was a little worried that piercing her ears might hurt. But afterwords she reported that it almost didn’t hurt at all—her friends had told her so many horror stories in advance—she was positively surprised how easy it was to have her ears pierced. The wide selection of beautiful medical ear piercing studs was another positive surprise for us. My daughter quickly found a pair she loves.
Best regards”

Sylvia H.

“I was also quite confused to hear that ear piercing in the winter would bear a higher risk of inflammation, since for many other types of inflammation, doctors recommend cold therapy rather than heat therapy.
Best regards”

Sylvia H.

“Last Friday, after my inquiry via your site, I visited a STUDEX partner in Dresden. A nice and attractive sales associate explained the piercing process and after piercing care in detail. The piercing process itself was absolutely hygienic and went quickly. I’m highly satisfied and can recommend the system to anyone.”

Marcell B.

“Today my ears were pierced with STUDEX. Beforehand, I had been extremely afraid of the pain, but I’m very surprised that it was actually pain free. The lady in the store was very friendly and had a lot of experience. The piercing process went very quickly. The studs are quite nice. Let’s see how everything will go. All in all, highly recommendable!”

Lisa S.

“Thank you very much for your information on STUDEX partners in my vicinity. The STUDEX System75 is really great. The piercing studs look nice and can be worn for a long time. I’m happy about ear piercing No. 5 and 6 in both ears.

Andreas S.

“Our 4-year-old Luise now has pretty daisy earrings from STUDEX!!!
– the STUDEX team for the addresses
– STUDEX for the video, which helped us explain the ear piercing process to our daughter in advance
– to the staff of Bijou Brigitte at Altmarktgalerie Dresden.
The ears were pierced simultaneously by two very nice employees so that our daughter was able to leave the store with pride and no tears.
THANK YOU again.”

The B. family from O.

“I took my daughter (7 years old) to have her ears pierced at the beginning of September. I also had another ear piercing at the top of my ear (cartilage piercing). During our first visit—my daughter wanted to check out the place first—the staff was very nice and gave us great advice. The ear piercing process itself went very smoothly and the holes have healed very well. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. Just the selection of piercing studs wasn’t too big. But we still found pretty studs and are very satisfied. Best regards,”

Sabine M.

“Ear piercing was great. No tears and no pain. It was quick; and there was a big enough selection of earrings. I can recommend it, especially for kids.”

Ute K.

“Hello, thank you very much. My daughter got earrings today—neon pink, of course …, with STUDEX at Klinck hairdressers in Bad Bramstedt. It all went smoothly and she is so happy. Thank you very much!!! Best regards,”

Nicole J.

“We were in Frankfurt at Christ jewelers on Zeil. The ladies and gentlemen were very kid-friendly and managed to create a fun atmosphere which helped my daughter forget her apprehension toward ear piercing. The ears were pierced simultaneously by two employees, which I thought was great. My little girl was super happy and proud and had to go tell her friends right away. Thank you very much!”

Mirjam F.

“Ear piercing with STUDEX went very well for my daughter, 8 years old. There have been no infections. It all went smoothly. We had her ears pierced by an ENT doctor. She was very nice. My daughter even said that it didn’t hurt.”

Nicole S.

“Hello, dear STUDEX team!
Last Friday was the day: My almost 6-year-old daughter had her ears pierced. She had been begging for earrings for a very long time. After I had read about your system and received addresses of STUDEX partners from you as requested, we decided to make her wish come true. She picked a pair of pink glittery flower studs and we were good to go. Without her even blinking an eye, one ear was pierced after the other. She was so brave, and now she’s totally proud of her earrings. So far there were no problems whatsoever. I’d recommend the system anytime, since it’s clean, hygienic, quick, and straightforward.
Best regards,”

Marlen S.

“Thank you very much for your kind reply. We’ve already had the ears pierced, at Luithle in Heilbronn. They were pierced one after the other, since there was only one employee there. It was great; the child is really happy.”

Nicole T.

“Good morning, Ms. Selzle,
Thank you very much for your very quick reply regarding STUDEX partners. We decided for the Christ store in Berlin-Spandau. The staff was very nice and competent. Too bad that there was a limited selection of piercing earrings available, but of course it’s Christ’s decision which products from your assortment they carry.
The piercing process was absolutely unproblematic. According to my daughter it didn’t hurt at all. The earlobes weren’t even red afterwords, and there was no pain either. The earlobes were cleansed daily according to the aftercare instructions. Meanwhile five weeks have passed since the ears were pierced. Everything has healed well, and the piercing earrings will be replaced next week by a pair of karat gold earrings. Unfortunately STUDEX doesn’t seem to offer regular, non-piercing earrings made from karat gold or titanium. I’d love if you added those to your assortment.
All in all, we’ve had nothing but great experiences with your system and can recommend it.
Greetings from Berlin”

Bettina B.

“Hello, dear STUDEX team,
Ms. Selzle, thank you for your prompt reply!!! Our daughter (5 years old) did it—perfectly and with no tears at all. It all went smoothly. Thank you very much to the team at jeweler Gesa Jank, Hauptstrasse 24 in Dresden!!! I can certainly recommend it. The ears are all healthy, not sensitive, and they look beautiful.
Kind regards,”

Lucie N.

“Hello, dear STUDEX team,
I took my daughter (3 years old) to a STUDEX partner in Hagen to have her ears pierced and get her first earrings, which she’d been longing for. Even though there were a few little tears, since she’s very sensitive, she was willing to have her other ear pierced as well. As soon as she could look in the mirror, she smiled immediately and was super proud. Afterwords she said that it pinched a little bit, but it didn’t hurt. I am extremely thrilled about the STUDEX system and would do this again anytime. I will recommend it within my circle of friends. 5 stars and thumbs up”

Yvonne H. via Facebook

“I’ve had my ears pierced for the very first time at Kraemer in Frankfurt/Main eight weeks ago—at the age of 62 years! I strictly followed the instructions. There were no complications whatsoever, no pain—simply great!”

Ulrike M.

“Dear STUDEX team,
My daughter (12 years old) had wanted earrings for a long time. But her fear of pain was what had kept her from trying it out. After I had informed myself about the different options (guns, piercer, STUDEX) and told her how this would work, we went to the jeweler together and had her ears pierced with STUDEX System75.
A perfect experience! Advice was given in a caring manner; the lady (only one (!) person) seemed competent and had been piercing ears for seven years, as she said; the instrument (a device that looks remotely like a staple gun, with one individually sealed sterile stud for each ear) seemed trustworthy and above all hygienic; and my daughter confirmed that it hardly hurt at all. In fact there was not one single tear, she just took a deep breath—that was it. Finally we received aftercare advice and a small bottle of after piercing lotion—absolutely perfect!
And on top of that the earrings look great and really valuable. And the price? … I’m still wondering how you manage to cover your costs at that price. I had expected much more. That was the icing on the cake, so to speak!!
All in all a really great experience—thank you very much and all the best for the future!”

Jens H.

“We had our daughter’s (six months old) ears pierced with the STUDEX system in Heilbronn last week and we’re really thrilled. Both ears were pierced simultaneously and the process was absolutely silent and much more agreeable for our daughter than with any traditional “gun!” Absolutely recommendable!”

Katharina R.

“Hello Ms. Selzle,
Thank you very much for your reply. We had the ears pierced at Nidermayer jeweler in Neumarkt and it was a very positive experience, just as promised!
Thank you and best regards”

Bianca R.

“Thank you very much! […] it all went perfectly!

Kerstin P. and her happy daughter!

“Thank you for sending me the addresses so quickly. Saturday was the day in Kempten! It was pain free and therefore I decided to have an additional ear piercing in both ears after I had received my third ear piercing. Now I have three in my right ear and two in my left. My boyfriend, who was with me, had his left ear pierced with the extra stud (I still need to convince him to get both ears pierced). Anytime again.”

Kerstin L.

“Thank you for the prompt reply! Christ in Neuwied also uses STUDEX, and that’s where we had the ears pierced on June 7. My 4 1/2-year-old child, who can be a little oversensitive at times, didn’t cry and is more than happy. Great. We’ll do the same with our second daughter in a few years.”

Juliane S.

“Hey there,
I had my daughter’s (3 years old) ears pierced in Erlangen at “Steel” today. Both earlobes were pierced simultaneously and there was no noise to be heard. […] Another mom and one of my sisters-in-law had recommended your system, and now I can confirm that it’s apparently very good.
Best regards”

Carina R.

“My two girls received their first earrings last Monday at a jewelry chain with the two B’s and they are totally happy. It’s nice that there is no loud noise as there is with other guns. Now, a few days later, everything is still looking great. Highly recommendable! Thank you.”

Tina a.d.S. via Facebook

“My wife and I are totally surprised that there was no pain when the ear was pierced. I wouldn’t have expected that. It’s great.”

Frank F.

“Hello, dear STUDEX team,
Ms. Selzle promptly sent us information on where STUDEX instruments are used. Thank you for the quick reply!!! Our daughter (4 years old) had a great ear piercing experience. […] It all went smoothly and without any problems! Thank you very much to the team of jeweler Gesa Jank in Dresden, too!!!”

Andrea P.

“Really great. Took my daughter, 6 years old, to the jeweler and had her ears pierced. She didn’t even flinch a bit, and that although she can be a little oversensitive at times. No loud noise, beautiful earrings, everything sterile. After about 30 minutes no pain on the ear. The employee at the jeweler’s was very knowledgeable and nice! No pain during aftercare, when cleansing the ear and turning the earrings. This couldn’t be any better. A very big thank you. My daughter is overjoyed!!!”

Susanne L.

“Dear Ms. Selzle,
Thank you very much for sending us the address list so promptly. We had our 4-year-old daughter’s ears pierced with the STUDEX system by Dr. Lenk in Berlin on 04/16/2014. The assistant was very nice and tended to our little one very gently. The ear piercing process was accomplished without any problems, no tears, not even a little redness on the ear, and now our daughter is very proud of her sparkling earrings. Absolutely recommendable, anytime again.
Best regards”

Heidi W.

“Dear Ms. Selzle,
Yesterday I took my six-year-old daughter to jeweler G. Jank, […] Dresden, to have her ears pierced. The employee was very nice and she had a very nice way of leading us through the process. The actual ear piercing was almost pain free for my daughter and there were no tears either. Now she’s proud to wear her sparkling earrings. Thank you very much again for sending us your address list.

Catharina R.

“Hello Ms. Selzle,
We were […] in Bochum […] yesterday and had our little one’s ears pierced. The ladies were super friendly, and it all worked out really great. Our little one is totally happy. Unfortunately, they didn’t really know the name STUDEX [System] 75, but it seemed that it was that exact same system. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t have the “My First Earring” set. We had really been looking forward to the little treasure box… Too bad…
Best wishes”

Figen L.

“Our daughter, 6 years old, had her ears pierced today, as she had wished for a very long time. It all went smoothly, and in her own words, “It didn’t hurt at all.” It was really great!”

Emel H.

“I took my daughter (5) to have her ears pierced in Freiburg yesterday. The sales lady handled the STUDEX75 instrument very professionally; my daughter didn’t feel anything at all! The earlobes weren’t even the slightest bit red. It was really great. We’d do it again—anytime!”

Meike A.

“I was already positively surprised about your quick reply via email. But what was even more awesome for me and my daughter was the ear piercing process… No big deal at all! And my daughter didn’t flinch a bit. Thank you very, very much!!!!”

Nicole A.

“Our 7-year-old daughter had her ears pierced with the STUDEX system. She said it did not hurt at all. It was super quick, no tears were shed, and the piercing earrings are totally cute. Also the ladies in the store were very experienced and professional.”

Katrin T.

“Hello Ms. Leppik,
Thank you very much for the address list. We went to Dodenhof right away, tried out the STUDEX system and were positively surprised. It all went smoothly, and my two friends will also try out the system on Monday. Thank you very much!
Best regards”

Yvonne A.

Today our four-year-old daughter’s wish finally came true: She had her ears pierced. I had prepared her well and told her that it might pinch her ear a little. Due to the staff situation her ears were pierced one after the other. She neither flinched nor cried. And now she’s proud to show off her new earrings.
Best regards”

Natascha Sch.

“Hello dear STUDEX team,
I had a second ear piercing in my left earlobe at Christ in Darmstadt this Saturday and I’m totally thrilled. The process is exactly as you’ve described. The lady was very nice and well trained. Ear piercing today cannot be compared with ear piercing back in the days at all; it’s as good as pain free. A needle prick for bloodwork is more noticeable. […] In my opinion, the healing process is much better today than in the old days when ears were still “punched.” I would have my ears pierced again with STUDEX System75 anytime.”

Marion L.

“I had my ears pierced for the first time at jeweler Greiner in Schorndorf 38 years ago—with STUDEX products, of course. I’m still wearing STUDEX studs to this day and meanwhile have a really nice collection of STUDEX earrings.”

“Omi” (“Granny”) via Facebook

“Today I took my girls to a dermatologist who pierces ears with STUDEX. I was absolutely thrilled and so were my girls. Not a single tear was shed and my kids are totally proud. I can only recommend this method for piercing children’s ears. Thank you very much.”

Nathalie N.

“I was at Schaidacher jeweler in Bad Neustadt; it all went smoothly.”


“Dear Ms. Dennerlein,
It’s been a while since your prompt reply, but now I’ve finally had my ears pierced. I was in Frankfurt yesterday and decided to go for it. […] Originally I had planned to have just one ear pierced, but the nice lady convinced me to have both ears adorned. It was quick, painless and looks great. I love it so much that I went back today and had second lobe piercings on both sides.”

Frank S.

“Today I took my 9-year-old daughter to jeweler Matzke in 90429 Nuremberg […] to have her ears pierced. After calling the store first and announcing our visit, we were greeted by a very friendly Mr. Matzke. I was impressed with the wonderful way in which he was able to put my daughter at ease. He talked with her, described the ear piercing process, and took great care in taking away her “fear.” He took his time, marked where the ears would be pierced, checked the spots again, corrected their position, … This was all done with great care and accuracy. While he was piercing my daughter’s ears, I felt like getting another ear piercing, too. So he also pierced my ear. I can recommend this jewelry store wholeheartedly, especially for ear piercing for kids.”

Grit F.

“Dear Ms. Selzle,
Thank you very much for your prompt and detailed reply. My daughter and I were at Citti Park at Christ [in Kiel]. The staff appeared very competent and was very nice. Now we’re hoping that everything will heal without any infections. My daughter is happy with your pink daisy studs.
Best wishes,”

Karsten G.

“My daughter (10) had her ears pierced with the new STUDEX system in the pharmacy in Eicklingen. She hardly felt a thing. What a great, gentle, and hygienic method and absolutely knowledgeable staff giving great advice. I have two other daughters. We’ll be back as soon as they want to have their ears pierced. Overall a great experience which we’re happy to share!”

Jutta G.

“We went to Christ in the A10 Center in Wildau and we are completely satisfied. My 8-year-old daughter had her ears pierced. The employees were competent, friendly and knowledgeable with regard to the use of the STUDEX products.”

Petra D.

“Thank you very much for your prompt email with addresses. We made an appointment with an ENT doctor in Munich, who pierced our daughter’s ears. Just a short pinch and we were done. It was really great.”

Fotini K.

“We went to […] Kaufpark Dresden Nickern today. We were lucky, since the staff was about to change so that [Sara] was pierced in both ears at the same time. Not a tear was shed. Great!!!
And now she’s really proud of her pretty floral studs.
Thank you very much!
Best regards”

Mandy K.

“We took the girls to Dr. Hamed Hamdan and were very satisfied. Not a tear was shed.”

Melanie Sch.

“Thank you very much for sending me a list of STUDEX partners in our vicinity so promptly. Our 9-year-old daughter had her ears pierced 14 days ago. We are thrilled–friendly service, beautiful piercing studs which make children’s hearts beat faster, a virtually painless piercing process, and no problems at all with infections. The only drawback: The ears were pierced in the store right within sight of other customers. Maybe STUDEX should advise their partners that it would be nice to give their customers a little more privacy. Other than that: Thumbs up; we are very satisfied and would recommend STUDEX anytime.”

Andrea K.

“I had my ears pierced at Christ today and realized that my fears were unfounded. I barely felt a thing. Great system!”

Jennifer R.

“Dear Ms. Selzle,
Thank you very much for sending me the STUDEX partners’ addresses. Yesterday afternoon my 4-year-old daughter finally had her ears pierced at Aurora jewelers in Hanau—she had longed for earrings for quite a while. There were no problems at all. The initial pain subsided quickly, and now mother and daughter are happy about the beautiful earrings. I’m very satisfied indeed.
Best regards,”

Heike T.

“Dear Madam or Sir,
We went to a STUDEX Partner yesterday to have our daughter’s ears pierced and we were very satisfied.
We would only like to know for how long my daughter (7 years) should not go swimming in a public pool or lake. Thank you very much for your reply.

Regina P.

“Thank you very much for quickly helping me find a reliable store. I was at jeweler Christ in Hanau today and had my ears pierced. The sales lady was super friendly and absolutely professional. It was actually fun. The piercing process was really quick and pain free. Unfortunately the price was pretty high (28 Euros for two ear piercings).”

Andreas Sch.

“Thank you very much for your information. I just returned from jewelers Christ in Saarbrücken where your system was employed easily and quickly. I was very satisfied, especially with the level of hygiene and the price.
Best regards”

Lars Z.

“My daughter had her ears pierced at jeweler Christ in Kaiserslautern. I am very satisfied and have recommended STUDEX to others. I’d do it again any time.
Best regards”

Nadine R.-H.

“I had my ears pierced last Tuesday for the first time. I didn’t feel a thing and everything is great today — three days later. I went to a Christ store in Munich to have my ears pierced. I can recommend ear piercing with STUDEX to anyone. Thank you very much.”

Jörg B.

“Hello Ms. Selzle,
We just went for the ear piercing on Friday. Our little girl is only 2 1/2, but has wished for earrings ever since she could talk. She didn’t feel a thing and she has no pain, redness or swelling whatsoever. The earlobes were just slightly red right after the piercing, but even this completely subsided after only 2-3 hours. I certainly will recommend this to others. I wish you a wonderful week and thank you for your super fast response!
With kindest regards,”

Heidi G.

“It is so uncomplicated and easy, I can recommend STUDEX to everyone without reservations. I’m already looking forward, in six weeks, to buying the earrings I have wished for. When I think about how awful my mother’s medical earrings looked, my 2mm Zirconia studs are awesome. By the way, I had my ears pierced at the Nockemann jewelry store in my hometown of Halver.”

Carsten L.

“Hello Ms. Selzle,
I went to Krämer GmbH and was absolutely satisfied. Good advice, perfect procedure and friendly service. Thanks again for responding to my inquiry so quickly.
Best wishes from Cologne”

Jacqueline Sch.

“Hello, Thank you very much for the quick reply regarding STUDEX retail partners. Our daughter (5) had her ears pierced today. No pain whatsoever. Thanks again.”

Heidi Sch.

“What do you do as parents when your almost 6 year old daughter suddenly announces that she would like to have earrings? You do research online.
While searching for ear piercing videos to show her that this is a little loud, we came across STUDEX. I must admit—my first thoughts were, “This can’t be possible!” A device which is quiet, nearly pain free, and can pierce ears hygienically?
After we had read a few testimonials, we inquired about a STUDEX partner in our area. Less than an hour later we received a list from you.
After our daughter again confirmed her desire for earrings, we set out and were amazed about the selection of earrings. As your video showed, the ear piercing specialists never came in contact with the earrings and even offered to perform both piercings simultaneously. After marking the location, the instruments were set in place and in an instant our daughter was wearing the earrings of her choice.
Without tears, without loud noises and absolutely hygienic! I am totally and completely delighted! With the only exception that the piercing took place right in the store instead of a separate room, but of course STUDEX cannot be blamed for this.
A clear “thumbs up” from me! My daughter experienced no pain and after 3 days the healing process is going wonderfully. I can only recommend it.”

Sonja Z.

“My daugther (6) had her ears pierced on Tuesday. We prepared her for some pain, but the sales ladies […] were really great; they made such an effort, my daughter didn’t even flinch. It was great to see that the system didn’t make any loud sounds which might have scared her. I’ve already referred your system to my godchild.”

Sandra B.

“Hello STUDEX team,
I’ve been wanting to have my ears pierced for a long time…. Then I found your awesome website and sent a request via the contact form asking for locations of STUDEX partners in my area. Almost immediately I received a response from Ms. Dennerlein. I must say I was surprised to learn what a large selection of stores was available to me.
So, last night my girlfriend and I went to [have our ears pierced]. The ear piercing specialist was very nice and helpful in selecting the piercing earrings. The process then went precisely as described on your website. It was actually silent and pain-free and I can barely even feel the studs. I had to look in the mirror to make sure that I’m actually wearing earrings.
My girlfriend really enjoyed the whole experience, too, and spontaneously decided to get her 3rd piercing in her right ear and her 2nd in her left.
We couldn’t be happier!!
And yes, your homepage is right on—it’s stylish for men, too!
Thank you very much!”

Florian M.

“Today I went to Christ in Cologne, Hohestraße, with my daughter (8 years old). The service was excellent. The lady explained everything in detail and took a lot of time to assist us despite the fact that it was very busy in the store.
As for the STUDEX system, there is a large selection of beautiful piercing earrings, which by all means can be be worn as long as you wish. […] So far we’re delighted about STUDEX.”

Andrea M.

“Yesterday I went with my daughter (12 years old) to have her ears pierced with the STUDEX system. We’re both totally excited. It was quick and almost didn’t hurt at all. The earrings are to-die-for. Rarely have I seen such gorgeous “piercing earrings”. After the first night, everything is still perfect. No swollen or read ear. Simply great. My 10-year-old daughter is so excited about these earrings that she’ll dare to take the plunge too. Great, great, great. Thank you very much.”

Regine N.

“I’m so happy that I actually did it. It doesn’t hurt and looks simply gorgeous!!! Thank you!”

Nenê Sch.

We visited Bernstein jewelers in Marktheidenfeld and had our daughter’s (3.5 years old) ears pierced today and were very satisfied.
The staff seemed very experienced and friendly […].
The STUDEX system is very quick and doesn’t make any startling noises. Very cute studs are available.
Soon we will also utilize STUDEX for our other daughter.
Best regards,”

Anja S.

“Thank you very much for your message. We went to Christ at EEZ (Elbe-Einkaufszentrum) for our ear piercings. Everyone was very nice and explained all details clearly. The system is super!
Best regards from Hamburg”

Sabine W.

“Dear STUDEX team,
I took my 4-year-old daughter to have her ears pierced today and it was awesome. You really couldn’t hear the instrument and she was unfazed. Since the instrument is absolutely silent, she wasn’t startled at all.
Also thanks a lot for the quick reply regarding STUDEX partners in my vicinity. I wrote a message in the evening and received a reply the next day.
I really must say, TOTALLY AWESOME!
My thanks also to Ms. Dennerlein, who took wonderful care of me on the phone.
All I can say is THANK YOU and keep up the good work!”

Sabine Sch.

“I can only recommend the STUDEX system. I haven’t had ear piercings up until now, since I’ve always shied away from the infamous “gun”. But the STUDEX procedure is absolutely pain free and not uncomfortable at all. Vaccinations at the doctor’s office are more painful. To top it off, the jeweler was very friendly.”

Franziska P.

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