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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her: A Gift Guide

What to give your girlfriend or wife for Valentine’s Day? And what NOT to give? Let’s see: It should be something romantic, thoughtful, memorable, not too practical, something she loves but that she wouldn’t necessarily buy for herself.

Cosmetics, Perfume, and Makeup

Makeup is tricky, since you really need to know which brands, types of makeup and colors your girlfriend would choose for herself. She may have sensitive skin or prefer matte lipstick compared to gloss or a pencil eyeliner rather than a liquid one. In most cases makeup is something that needs to be tried out. Perfume is almost as hard. If you know what she likes, you’re not giving her anything new. It’s rather replacing something that she’s used up. If you’re picking the wrong fragrance, she won’t like to wear it at all.

  • Tip #1: Stay away from makeup and perfume. Go for cosmetics like body milk or lotion and bath or shower gels instead. Add a few matching little accessories like a shower sponge or a washcloth.
Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her – A Gift Guide
Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her – A Gift Guide

Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories

In most cases, clothes and shoes also need to be tried on. Even if you find out the right sizes to look for, the pieces you pick may still not fit or look good on her. Accessories are a better idea, but be aware of what you pick.

  • Tip #2: For many women, a really nice purse is on top of their personal “must have accessories” list. Only choose a purse if you know exactly what kind she would love. If not, go for a pretty wallet. Third on the list would be a scarf, shawl, wrap or stole.


Jewelry is a great Valentine’s gift for her, since it combines a touch of luxury and romance. Whatever you choose, your girlfriend will always remember it as a special gift. Go for earrings, necklaces or bracelets. A ring is a good gift if you’re planning on getting engaged on Valentine’s Day.

  • Tip #3: Earrings are the best choice, especially studs, since they can be worn every day or for special occasions. And a girl can never have enough of those in her collection. Don’t go too cheap and look for hypoallergenic earrings, such as Sensitive by STUDEX, to make sure she loves to wear them.
Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her – A Gift Guide

Fine Dining and Other Events

Events are also memorable gifts, often in combination with other gifts. Take her out to dinner, for example, or surprise her with a homemade dinner which you prepared or a fancy picnic. If you take her out, make sure it’s a new place where you haven’t been before, or pick an exclusive restaurant. Don’t tell her where you’re going, just how to dress. Pick her up at home, hold the door for her, and enjoy that she will be excited to go on an adventure with you. Of course, a wellness weekend at a nice hotel, a spa visit or tickets to a concert are also great ideas.

  • Tip #4: All that’s important is that you spend a wonderful day with her.

A Few More No-No’s

  • Tip #5: Avoid all too practical gifts. That includes anything that has to do with the household, even if she needs it.
  • Tip #6: If you have to give a gift voucher, make sure it’s handmade or extravagantly wrapped. The typical plastic store gift cards are a bit lame.
  • Tip #7: Don’t ask her what she’d like. Make sure it’s a surprise. Don’t even indicate in advance that you’re aware of Valentine’s Day at all.
  • Tip #8: No matter what you give, don’t forget to give her a nice, personal card with your gift.

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