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Earring and Ear Piercing Trends 2020: Classic Blue and Combinations

As for earrings and ear piercing, there are two major trends for the year 2020: the color of the year and combining multiple earrings per ear. Read more about these earring and ear piercing trends below:

Earring and Ear Piercing Trends 2020 – #1: Classic Blue

The color of the year defined by the Pantone Color Institute is called “Classic Blue.” This timeless and elegant blue tone between cobalt and royal blue is reminiscent of the evening sky. As every year, the color of the year will have a strong influence on the design world and thus on the jewelry and fashion market. STUDEX picks up this trend with ear studs in sapphire, Capri or neon blue. These can be easily combined with earrings in aquamarine, white or crystal as well as with classic pearl studs. They are worn with dark blue dresses, tops and blazers, for example.

Depending on the combination and look, they work well for various different occasions: radiating elegance in the office, showing off at the beach wearing the colors of the ocean, stargazing with friends at night or clubbing from dusk ’til dawn… “Classic Blue” represents peace, tranquility, refuge, dependability, stability, clarity as well as resilience – all things that we need for the new decade, as far as I’m concerned.

Earring and Ear Piercing Trends 2020

Earring and Ear Piercing Trends 2020 – #2: Multiple Ear Piercings per Ear 

Wearing multiple earrings per ear has meanwhile become a mega trend. According to an online survey* initiated by STUDEX back in 2018, 56 % of women who wear earrings have one or two ear piercings and 44 % have three or more. It is to be expected that this ratio will soon reverse itself and that the number of women wearing only one or two earrings will become a minority then.

The formerly classy look with one earring per earlobe, usually worn as a pair, is obviously less and less fashionable. Instead, three earrings in the earlobe and two in the upper ear are particularly popular these days. The studs in the earlobe can also be arranged in staggered fashion. Whether as constellation piercings or in any other combination – nowadays, the ear is considered a total work of art, and earring combinations are important means of expression. Anything goes. “Less is more” is not true for ear jewelry, nor is “the more the merrier,” but anything in between. As long as it’s not boring.

Studs matching these earring and ear piercing trends can be found from STUDEX, for example – be it as piercing studs for the ear piercing system STUDEX System75 or as hypoallergenic follow-up earrings Sensitive by STUDEX. They are available at many STUDEX partner stores.

*Source: STUDEX of Europe, online survey of women in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland, 11/2018, internal market research, unpublished

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